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Friday, 23 September 2016



This book will shock many... the building of the Temple in Jerusalem and the arrival of Antichrist may be much closer than many believe. Discussions have been held between the Jewish Sanhedrin and some Muslims regarding the building and future location of the Third Temple. Amazingly the Sanhedrin equated the Islamic Messiah figure, the Mahdi, with their view of the Jewish Messiah whose appearance, they say, is imminent.  Amazon best selling author Bob Mitchell (Antichrist, the Vatican and the Great Deception) lifts the curtain on prophetic events taking place right now in Israel, the European Union and the Middle East as Israel prepares to build the Third Temple. Did you know the building plans for the Temple have been drawn up, the Priests are in training and the instruments have been created for their use in the Temple rituals? Did you know it will be an Ecumenical Temple "for all mankind"? The prophets warned, Antichrist is coming and will desecrate the new Temple. From where will he arise, how close are we to his appearance and when will Jesus return?
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