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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Did Pope Francis Really Just Take A Big Step Toward One World Religion? Is He In Fact “The Last Pope”?

Does his statement, as some suggest, mean that Francis has embraced Chrislam? Is he covertly laying the foundation for a one world religion? Is he intentionally planting seeds that will pave the way for a New World Order? Could he be working with the United Nations to introduce a one world economic system? “Many Christians have been sitting back and waiting for one giant ‘event’ to happen, but the truth is that small steps toward a one world government, a one world economy and a one world religion are happening almost constantly now,” Michael Snyder, founder of The Economic Collapse Blog, told Charisma News. “The apostle John warned that these things would happen nearly 2,000 years ago, and now they are playing out right in front of our eyes. When will people finally start to wake up?” There’s plenty of speculation about one currency, one government, one religion—but is Pope Francis really the False Prophet paving the way for all of this and the Antichrist to boot? Could the socialistic pontiff who has worked so hard to reconcile with Pentecostals have ulterior motives? Is he really the last pope?  (READ MORE)

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