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Friday, 30 October 2015

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EU Urges Russia To Swap Dollar For Euro
By Robin Newbold

Russia could emerge as a crucial factor in the success of the fledgling European single currency, the euro, at the expense of the US dollar after leaders at this week's Russia-European Union summit agreed to study ways to boost the currency's use in trade and increase its share in Russia's official reserves.

EU leaders on Thursday made an audacious bid to lure Russia away from its reliance on the greenback, calling on Moscow to start accepting euros instead of dollars for its exports, dangling the attractive carrot of a boom in investment and trade.

Russia currently receives US dollars for its European oil and gas exports, but the EU wants to switch to euros instead. A joint communique has been signed by both sides agreeing to discuss the issue in further detail.

Some economic experts believe a significant switch from dollar contracts to the euro by Russia's big energy producers, who provide EU states with 21 percent and 41 percent respectively of their oil and gas imports, could see the euro finally become a force in world trade after its protracted struggle against the greenback.

Chairman of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, strongly pushed the euro's case at this week's meeting, saying it would help bolster trade with Russia, attract new investment and balance the nation's hard currency reserves. "It is a clear sign of commitment to closer relations between the EU and Russia," Prodi said at a Kremlin news conference attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Javier Solana, EU foreign policy and security commissioner, and Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson, whose country holds the rotating chairmanship of the EU.

Putin, while avoiding direct reference to the euro issue, significantly hailed Prodi's proposal to consider the concept of a common European economic sphere. The Russian president also urged the EU to lift trade barriers imposed against some Russian exports. European delegates also mentioned progress on a proposed energy deal that would encourage investments in Russia's energy sector.

MI5 warns ISIS plotting massive UK attack

Security agency head reveals uptick in plans for mass casualty attacks guided from Syria, requiring 4/5 of MI5's manpower to thwart attacks.
By Ari Yashar

MI5 head Andrew Parker
MI5 head Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker, head of the MI5 British homeland security agency, warned on Friday that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists are planning to launch a mass casualty terror attack in the UK.
During the Lord Mayor of London's annual defense and security lecture, Parker revealed that no fewer than six planned attacks were thwarted by MI5 in the last year alone, aside from another seven plots targeting British nationals abroad, reports The Telegraph.
"More than 750 extremists from this country have traveled to Syria, and the growth in the threat shows no sign of abating," he revealed.
“We are seeing plots against the UK directed by terrorists in Syria; enabled through contacts with terrorists in Syria; and inspired online by ISIL's sophisticated exploitation of technology," he added, using an alternate acronym for ISIS.
Giving a specific warning, he noted that "this year we have seen greater ambition for mass casualty attacks," and aside from ISIS, Al-Qaeda terrorists are likewise planning huge attacks in the UK.
"All of this means that the threat we are facing today is on a scale and at a tempo that I have not seen before in my career," said the veteran security official, noting on his 32-year career.
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Peace partner? Abbas's Fatah discusses expansion of 'intifada'

Senior official from Abbas's Fatah party meets Hamas delegation in Beirut to discuss how to escalate violence against Israel.
By Dalit Halevi
PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas
PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas
The West claims that Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas is a “peace partner” for Israel, even as his Fatah party continues to encourage terrorist attacks against Israelis.
On Thursday, representatives of Abbas’s Fatah movement met in Beirut with representatives of Hamas, headed by Khaled Mashaal, to discuss ways to expand the wave of terrorism, which they call an "intifada" against Israel.
According to a report on Hamas’s website, the two sides agreed on the need to thwart "the Israeli plan" allow religious Jews to worship on the Temple Mount, to bring an end to the "occupation", dismantle the Israeli "settlements" and protect the holy places, headed by Jerusalem.
The report further said that the sides also agreed to coordinate the work of the Palestinian Arab factions in the struggle against Israel and in promoting the implementation of the national reconciliation plan.
The Hamas delegation was headed by Mousa Abu Marzouk and the Fatah delegation was headed by Azzam al-Ahmed, a member of the group’s central committee.
The Fatah movement has been behind much of the incitement to terrorism against Israel, most recently in the form of an extensive campaign glorifying stabbing attacks against Jews.
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Hamas declares another 'Day of Rage' Friday

Hamas calls for violent riots throughout Judea and Samaria, says the enemy only understands violence.
Arab riots
Hamas is calling for a “Day of Rage” on Friday throughout Judea and Samaria and encouraging rioting and clashes with IDF forces.
In a statement issued by Hamas on Thursday evening, the organization welcomed the "heroic actions" of young Palestinians, saying "the enemy understands only the language of force".
Meanwhile, the deputy leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, called on Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, to rebuild the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and to act to preserve the “Al-Quds Intifada”, as he calls the current wave of terror.
Speaking to the Hamas newspaper Palestine, Haniyeh said that Abbas should summon a meeting of the PLO's interim leadership to establish a unity government and prepare for elections.
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Saturday, 17 October 2015


By Lee Duigon
Jesus asked, “When the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8)
Depends on where He looks—and it might take Him a while.
Atheism has always been with us, and always will be. It’s natural in superficially educated fat-heads.
What really threatens to replace our Christianity in the West is a threefold combo of para-Christianity, pseudo-Christianity, and downright poo-bah. We shall see examples of all three, but the first two are the worst: people can swallow these substitutes for Christianity and still think they’re getting the real thing.
“Para” is a prefix meaning “kinda, sorta,” so para-Christianity would be “kinda, sorta Christianity.” Young people who have been raised in church-going Christian families and educated in Christian schools and colleges still seem to fall easily into the net of para-Christianity—which makes us wonder whether those Christian churches, schools, and colleges actually do the job they think they’re doing.
Last week I heard from someone who attended her young adult son’s Bible study group, none of whose members brought Bibles. When they wanted a verse, they just found it on their smart phones. Instead of the Bible, they were studying a book called “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan.
This is where the skid begins. Instead of getting to know and understand the Bible, they focus on what some guy thinks about the Bible. Granted, a capable Bible teacher can often be a blessing; but he should never be a substitute.
And so these earnest young millennials, who come from Christian homes and churches, schools and colleges, wind up with a peculiar theology which my friend describes as “no substance, no current issues, no reality—just soft Jesus-loves-me stuff,” with an emphasis on earning salvation by gaudy works of the flesh such as “giving away all your money and living below the poverty line,” etc.
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By Paul McGuire
The story of ancient Babylon and the Tower of Babel is an historical account of the world’s first one world government, one world economic system, and one world religion.
Most people in our world who have been indoctrinated into what could be termed a “scientific materialist” worldview only believe in what they can perceive with their senses and they have no understanding about what happened on our Earth during pre-history.
They reject the idea that the creator of ancient Babylon was an almost super-human leader named Nimrod who built the Tower of Babel using occult technology. This is why the literal translation of “Babylon” or the “Tower of Babel” means “gate of the gods.”
The Tower of Babel was an interdimensional stargate which acted as a portal for interdimensonal beings to reach Earth. Ancient Babylon was a super-civilization built and ruled by a scientific elite.
The Biblical prophets and the Apostle John predicted that Babylon would be rebuilt in the last days. It is no accident that the master plan of the United Nations and things like Agenda 21 is to build a one-world government, one world religion, and one world economic system.
Even the back of the U.S. dollar reveals this plan with both symbolism and words. On the left hand side of the U.S. dollar we see an Illuminati pyramid with the all-seeing eye of Lucifer towards the top and on the bottom the words Novus Ordo Seclorum, which means “New Order of the Ages” or “New World Order.”
Sir Francis Bacon, in the mid-1600s, planned for America to be the head of the New World order and the New Atlantis. He was the head of a secret occult society called the Rosicrucians, who borrowed their teachings from ancient Babylon and were the forerunners of what is now known as the Illuminati.
The term “Illuminati” comes from the words “Illumined Ones,” which refers to a scientific or occult elite who have received secret Luciferian knowledge. Just as ancient Babylon was built using occult technology and science, so the new Babylon rising all around us is being built with occult technology and science.
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An Early Encounter With A Bigfoot?

“William Shegan, who came in from Antelope Valley last evening with a load of produce, tells a Leader reporter a very strange and startling story of the experience of two men who were hunting in Antelope Valley last week. He says that Peter Simons and John Gore had been out all day hunting ducks and such other game as they came in their way, and as evening came on they took a short cut across the mountains on their way back to the ranch. The mountain over which the trail led them was a very rugged one – in fact, the wildest place in the Antelope range of mountains – and a few years ago used to be infested with the larger species of wild animals.”
The story continued that as the pair made their careful way around what was described as a “large chasm,” they heard a strange, animal-like noise coming from the vicinity of a nearby cliff-face. As they looked to see the source of the chatter, both men were shocked by the sight of a large, hairy, manlike animal that sprung from behind the cliff-face, and headed towards the mountains with “the speed of the wind.”
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Giant 7 – 8 Foot Skeletons Uncovered in Ecuador sent for Scientific Testing

Strikingly tall skeletons uncovered in the Ecuador and Peru Amazon region are undergoing examination in Germany, according to a research team headed by British anthropologist Russell Dement. Will these remains prove that a race of tall people existed hundreds of years ago deep in the Amazonian rainforest?
According to a Cuenca news site, since 2013 the team has found half a dozen human skeletons dating to the early 1400s and the mid-1500s which measure between seven and eight feet (213 to 243 centimeters) in height.

Dement said,
“We are very early in our research and I am only able to provide a general overview of what we have found. I don’t want to make claims based on speculation since our work is ongoing. Because of the size of the skeletons, this has both anthropological and medical implications,” reports Cuenca Highlife.
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Obama ignores generals’ advice on troop levels for unprecedented sixth time
By Rowan Scarborough - The Washington Times -
In the end, President Obama was forced to listen to his generals — not his political instincts — on Afghanistan troop levels, and he decided to split the difference.
Mr. Obama is keeping 5,500 troops in Afghanistan beyond his presidency, about half the strength recommended by his top general in-country. It marks the sixth time he has rejected the advice of a ground commander on the force size in the long Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Military experts call that streak unprecedented for a commander in chief.
Like the current 9,800 U.S. troops there, the drawdown force of 5,500 will maintain a noncombat stance in training Afghan forces and hunting al Qaeda terrorists, Mr. Obama said Thursday. Administration officials said the U.S. will spend about $14.6 billion a year to house the troops at a total of four bases in Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad and Bagram — an increase over the estimated $10 billion annual cost of keeping a force at the U.S. Embassy in the Afghan capital.
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Friday, 16 October 2015

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

AP: Catastrophic event could release radioactive fallout over major U.S. metropolitan hvarea — Gov’t issues emergency plan as fire burns near nuclear site — Report: “World is on brink of nuclear disaster” — Senator: “What we have… could end up as Chernobyl”

Beneath the surface of a St. Louis-area landfill lurk two things that should never meet: a slow-burning fire and a cache of Cold War-era nuclear waste, separated by just 300 meters… Authorities have quietly adopted an emergency plan in case the smoldering embers ever reach the waste, a potentially ‘catastrophic event‘ that could release radioactive fallout in a plume of smoke over a densely populated area of suburban St. Louis… [T]he plan for a worst-case scenario was developed only a year ago and never publicized until this week… If the underground fire reaches the waste, “there is a potential for radioactive fallout to be released in the smoke plume and spread throughout the region,” according to the disaster plan. The plan calls for evacuations… in St. Louis County… and perhaps the federal government, would be called upon to help…
Missouri Attorney General, Sep 3, 2015: BREAKING NEWS – Attorney General Chris Koster released today new reports from expert witnesses [that] paint a troubling picture of the environment surrounding the landfill site…
  • Drs. Joel Burken and Shoaib Usman… at Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology, detected radiological… contamination in trees on the property of neighboring landowners… these findings “indicate the off-site migration of RIM [radiologically impacted material], either in groundwater or aerial transport of particulate matter”…
  • Drs. Tony Sperling [and] Ali Abedini [concluded] the fire has moved beyond both lines of gas interceptor wells… in the direction of the OU-1 radiological area…
  • Todd Thalhamer, a civil engineer… with extensive experience investigating landfill fires, concluded that what he described as a “catastrophic event” at the landfill “was foreseeable and preventable.”…
  • Dr. Timothy Stark, PhD and professional engineer… observedsignificant slope degradation and areas where the waste mass had settled, suggesting the underground waste had been consumed by a smoldering / combustion event…
  • “These reports underscore what has been clear from the beginning—Republic Services does not have this site under control,” Koster said… “it appears that it has poisoned its neighbors’ groundwater and vegetation.”…
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Sunday, 11 October 2015


Saturday, 10 October 2015



Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Enormous Oil Deposit Discovered In Israel As Russia Slowly Advances

A huge oil deposit has been found in the Golan Heights in Israel, with enough reserves to last Israel for decades, according to the country’s media.

“And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil.” Deuteronomy 33:24 (KJV)
Hook in their jaws: Right now as  you read this, Russia, Iran and China are waging war within the nation of Syria. On the surface, it is to “defeat ISIS” and to “prevent WWIII”. But could the real reason why Russia is suddenly so concerned about “stopping the Islamic State” be a massive deposit of oil discovered in Israel and estimated to be worth in the tens of billions of dollars? When something doesn’t make sense, always follow the money. Has Russia promised to share the wealth with their new allies for their help in taking the oil from Israel?
According to the Russian Times today, the “Israeli presence in the Golan Heights is in dispute. The region is internationally recognized Syrian territory that has been occupied by Israel since the 1967 Six-Day War between Israel and several Arab states. UN Resolution 242 (1967) demands the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from the territories occupied in the conflict. Israel disagrees with the wording of the resolution, saying the territories are disputable.”
Russia is not concerned so much with ISIS in Syria as they are with oil in Israel. Now everything makes sense.
Reportedly, the potential production may reach billions of barrels, while Israel consumes 270,000 barrels per day. Israel currently imports up to three quarters of its oil from the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in Iraq, the Financial Times reported in August.
“We are talking about a strata which is 350 meters thick and what is important is the thickness and the porosity. On average in the world strata are 20-30 meters thick, so this is ten times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities. The important thing is to know the oil is in the rock and that’s what we now know,” Israel business website Globes quotes Yuval Bartov, chief geologist of Afek Oil and Gas as saying. Afek is a subsidiary of the America’s Genie Energy.
The reported discovery coincides with the civil war raging in Syria. Israel has been accused of taking advantage of the conflict. The Israeli Golan Heights also border Syrian territory controlled by anti-government rebels. Israel has reportedly provided medical aid to the rebels and has responded to rocket fire from rebel-controlled territory by striking Syrian Army positions. Israel’s explanation has been that it “holds the Syrian military responsible for all events stemming from its territory.” 
Wow, and there you have it. As the other shoe drops, we now see the real reason for the excitement and activity taking place in Syria. Russia has declared themselves to be the liberator and protector of Syria, and the next step will be to advance on Israel to “reclaim” the Syrian land of the Golan Heights. Land that 12 months ago no one in the world outside of Israel cared about. The above-referenced excerpt from the Russian Times repeated uses the phrases “Israeli-occupied land to drive home their not-so-subtle message that Russia plans on coming over the Israeli border to take the Golan Heights.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Sunday, 4 October 2015

End of ISIS? Putin 'sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT evil Islamic State'

VLADIMIR Putin is preparing to send 150,000 troops to Syria in a bid to wipe out the evil Islamic State once and for all.


   An insider revealed: "It is very clear that Russia wants to sweep up the west of the country, taking Raqqa and all the oil and gas resources around Palmyra.
"This is fast becoming a race to Raqqa – to secure the oil fields they need to cleanse the region of insurgents, and the IS capital is vital to do that."
It comes a day after Russian jets obliterated nine ISIS outposts in just 24 hours using bunker-busting bombs.
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Russian Airstrike Destroys ISIS Transport Hub

russian-air-strike-syriaJust in from RusVesna – FORT RUSS NEWS
Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski
“Breaking: aircraft of the Russian Federation destroyed main transport hub of ISIS” 
1:21: As just reported by Syrian sources, one hour ago Russian aircraft launched a heavy attack on an ISIS convoy moving along the Al-Hasakeh-Al-Shadadi highway.
In dong so, air and space forces of Russia cut the main transport hub by which the terrorists delivered fuel, food, and ammunition to combat areas, thereby providing an invaluable service to those Kurdish resistance brigades fighting ISIS at that sector of the front.
See Report Here:

Friday, 2 October 2015

Putin signs decree drafting 150,000 conscripts into the Russian military... as Iran and Hezbollah prepare major ground offensive in Syria with air support from Moscow's bombers

    Vladimir Putin has conscripted 150,000 new troops into the Russian army as the country unleashed a new wave of airstrikes in Syria - while and Iran and Islamist group Hezbollah prepare for a major ground offensive.
Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria over the last ten days, backed by the country's Lebanese allies, Hezbollah, and rebel fighters from Iraq and Afghanistan, two Lebanese sources claimed today.  

One of the sources said the Iranian ground forces were 'soldiers and officers', not advisers, adding: 'We mean hundreds with equipment and weapons. They will be followed by more.'  

They are being supported by Russia's warplanes who bombed camps of rebel fighters trained by the CIA, one of the group's commanders claimed. 
White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Russia's airstrikes in Syria were 'indiscriminate' and risked prolonging the conflict 'indefinitely'.
He claimed Russia's 'random' strikes on Syria's enemies would draw the country deeper into the conflict.
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

'Russia kills US-backed Syrian rebels in second day of air strikes as Iran prepares for ground offensive' - live updates

Russian jets bomb rebel positions in Syria including rural areas near the north-western town of Jisr al-Shughour, a day after launching air strikes. Follow latest developments here

This is what you call a real man:  real leader of his people.

God says the day will come when the whole world will come against Jerusalem (Israel).
We are living in those end days just before the arrival of Antichrist.
Turn to Jesus Christ while there is still time. 

US-backed Syrian rebels claim Russian warplanes have hit their positions

The claim came as the United States and other Western countries scrambled to verify what targets had been struck
A rebel group in Syria said to be backed by the US, claimed that Russian warplanes have hit its positions in the centrre of the country. 
The group, known as Tajamu Alezzah, wrote with heavy sarcasm on Twitter on Wednesday that “eradicating terrorism appears to begin with attacks” on its locations in the central city of Latamna in the province of Hama, according to the Associated Press
The group, which boasts of having TOW missiles, did not provide specific details on the targets or how it can ascertain the strikes were by Russian jets. 
Russia has been bombing targets in Syria
Over the last few years, Washington has equipped and trained a number of so-called moderate Syrian rebel groups but most have been crushed by al-Qaida's affiliate in Syria, or Isis.
A senior US official said Russia's airstrikes in Syria did not appear to be targeting the Islamic State group, also known as Isis, but other opposition groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad. 
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Putin Hints Russia Will Clip Israel’s Wings Over Syrian Skies
Over 10 different attacks in Syria have been attributed to Israel over the past two and a half years - but Russia's presence in Syria could soon change that.
Russian President Vladimir Putin told U.S. President Barack Obama, during their one-on-one meeting in New York early Tuesday, that he was concerned about the Israeli attacks in Syria. ...
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UK must prepare for WAR with Russia: Army calls for fleet of battle tanks to take on Putin

BRITAIN must invest in its fleet of main battle tanks to meet an increasing threat of ground war with Russia, senior Army officers have warned.

Putin threatGETTY
Britain is facing a threat from Putin and Russia
It comes as tensions between Nato countries and Moscow continued to mount, with Russia threatening “nuclear counter measures” over a plan to bolster nuclear facilities in Germany.
David Cameron is currently trying to find a “compromise deal” with Russian president Vladimir Putin over tackling the IS terror group in Syria.
But Russian aggression in Eastern Europe,  an increase in Nato air-space incursions by Russian bombers, and the development of a new Russian “super tank” has led senior commanders to admit that the prospects of a conventional ground war In Eastern Europe can no longer be ignored.
The British Army has 227 Challenger 2 main battle tanks but, while they are still respected, they are in urgent need of upgrade.
Last year the British Army took part in live-fire Nato exercise in Poland with more than 100 armoured vehicles. Operation Black Eagle “highlighted the British Army’s ability to deploy an armoured battlegroup at short notice anywhere in the world in support of the nation’s allies.”
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