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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Overthrown! The Death Of America - 'Time Is Almost Up' - Exclusive Interview With Travis O. Dean


T.O Dean aka Travis O. Dean if the author of the 12 part series "Overthrown! The Death of America." Before the question and answer portion of the short interview below, T.O. Dean explained that while he does not require anyone believe as he does, "it is scriptural to require someone to justify in their own minds why they believe what they believe. That is one of the major points in these stories." Dean shared with us that Overthrown' story was written as a serial for Steve Quayle's website, then was later rewritten into it's present form.

ANP: Overthrown, the death of you feel we are now witnessing what you warned of in your books and please share any thoughts on this that you might have for our readers.

Travis O. Dean: Allow me to begin by saying while the 'Overthrown' series quotes scripture and prophecy, I have had no direct revelation from The Lord.
It is one mans opinion of how things might happen based on scripture and prophecy. Clearly no space ships have landed on the White House lawn.
There has been no EMP attack taking out the nations power grid. But all you have to do is take a look at the headlines.
UFO reports happen almost faster than you can count. The 'space brothers' haven't stepped out to say 'hi' yet, but the many, many reported sighting do serve the purpose of making people wonder if we are alone or if there truly is life as we know it on other planets. Which in my opinion is a Satanic deception as spoken of in The Bible.
Remember Satan doesn't have to make us worship him to keep us from going to Heaven. He knows it only requires that we stop worshiping God.
World War III has yet to start, but again look at the headlines. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, ISIS and others are constantly threatening us with attack both from without and from within.
I believe what we are witnessing is just the threshold of what will become WW III and the entering of the end times. I believe that preparing for what is soon to come is of the most importance. Preparing physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually. I also believe if you have yet to prepare, your time is almost up. The 'Overthrown' series is meant to help people do that.
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