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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Top Scientific Advisor to Pope is Atheist, GAIA Believer, Wants One World Government [+video]
A top scientific advisor to Pope Francis, Hans Schellnhuber, is an atheist and a Gaia believer says Dr. William Briggs, a Catholic climate scientist who was interviewed this week on The Joe Miller Show. And his Gaia beliefs aren’t superficial: he openly contends that the Earth is “self-aware” and “cognizant.”

Schellnhuber is also a hard-core advocate for one-world government, contending that the world needs a functioning international government with an “Earth Constitution” and “planetary court.” Disturbingly, the Pope’s recent encyclical also embraces international governance and controls to address man-made global warming, suggesting that Schellnhuber may be influencing official church policy.
Dr. Briggs suggests that the Pope may be getting played by environmental activists but admits that no one really knows given how carefully the Pope has kept his true views from the public eye. However, at an upcoming Vatican conference, only leftist climate scientists have been invited. The Pope has also invited a slew of very liberal political figures who have no background in science but could help advance the international climate change agenda.
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