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Thursday, 30 July 2015

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

290 million(?) year old human footprint has researchers scratching their heads

290 million year old footprint Ancient Code
(Bob: Although the article states this footprint is 290 million years old, I tend to believe it was made around the time of the flood)
  At first this footprint might not seem like much, as you can probably come across it anywhere on Earth, but this is no ordinary footprint. You can obviously see the anatomy of it, it resembles a modern-day human foot, but the thing is, this footprint is fossilized and embedded into a stone that researchers believe is at around 290 million years old. That is a gigantic missing period of time that if proven to be accurate will change a lot of things in society as we know it today.
  The discovery of the 290 million year old footprint was made in New Mexico by paleontologist Jerry MacDonald in 1987. In the vicinity of this mysterious footprint there are fossilized impressions of birds and other animals. The discovery of the human impression has left MacDonald particularly puzzled and not he or anyone who has seen and studied the impression has not been able to explain how this modern footprint could have been located in the Permian strata, which according to scholars dates from 290 to 248 million years, a time period which occurred long before man or even birds and dinosaurs existed on this planet, of course, that is according to modern science and scientific thinking.

This Is How Absolutely Insane The Stock Market Crash Is In China

This Is How Absolutely Insane The Stock Market Crash Is In China
As we await the outcome of the two-day Fed Meeting, today a legend in the business sent King World News a powerful piece discussing how absolutely insane the stock market crash in in China. 
King World News - Western Propaganda Ramps Up As China's Stock Market Crash Rattles Nerves In Global Markets
From Art Cashin's notes: Shanghai plunged the equivalent of 1485 Dow points (on Monday). The 75 to 1 negative breadth in Shanghai is positively mind-boggling, exacerbated by the fact that hundreds and hundreds of other stocks never even opened due to extreme selling pressure. Those figures convey the image of a selloff that turned into a stampede when the mob realized that "Daddy" had not shown up to stem the tide.
Overnight And Overseas – Shanghai was relatively calm overnight with the operative word being relatively. In the morning session, it plunged 5% (875 Dow points). In the afternoon session, buying of government owned banks cut the day's closing loss to 1.7% (295 Dow points). The small cap index did not do as well.
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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Satanic statue unveiled in Detroit

Christians protest after the Satanic Temple unveils bronze Baphomet statue featuring a human body, goat’s head and wings.  

A bronze Baphomet, which depicts Satan as a goat-headed figure surrounded by two children Photo: Satanaic Temple/AP
Several hundred people have attended a Mass at a US Catholic church to protest against an eight and a half-foot (2.6-metre)-tall bronze statue of Satan that hundreds of people also lined up to see.
The Satanic Temple had said it would unveil the statue on Saturday at a Detroit location that only people with tickets would know about. Hundreds lined up on Saturday evening to get the tickets as Christian protesters rallied nearby.
The bronze Baphomet statue, featuring a human body, goat’s head and wings, was unveiled just before midnight to cheers of "Hail Satan". Statues of a boy and a girl in poses of adoration stand on either side.

Skeleton With ‘Alien’ Egg-Shaped Skull Discovered In 'Russia Stonehenge'

The humanoid skeleton was unearthed from a site known as Russia’s Stonehenge and it is being heralded as proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago

UFO watchers are in a tizz over the discovery of an ancient skeleton with an elongated skull that resembles an ALIEN.

The humanoid skeleton was unearthed from a site known as Russia’s Stonehenge and it is being heralded as proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago.
However, archaeologists don’t share the same view as alien hunters, insisting that the skeleton belonged to a female from a tribe that used to bind the head to make it grow out of shape.
Researcher Maria Makurova told Russian news agency TASS: “We have found a well preserved skeleton.
“I would not exclude the possibility that the skeleton belongs to a woman from the Sarmati trible that lived in the territories of what is now modern day Ukraine, Kazakhstan and southern Russia.
"Her skull was elongated because the tribe did so by tying up the heads of their children with rope.
“It was clearly a tradition in the tribe.”
But believers in life on other planets claim that if this was the case, it was simply a way of mimicking the elongated skulls of the alien visitors.
Makurova said that archeologists were still working on theories as to why the tribe had the skull-lengthening tradition, but had so far not come up with a reason.
Scientists who exposed the photographs say they believe that the body, that was discovered at Arkaim, did not date back as far as the age of the site, that originated in 4,000 BC.
They believe the bones in fact date back to around 200-300 AD - making them less than 2,000-year-old.
The Akraim archaeological site was discovered in 1987.

Monday, 27 July 2015


Sunday, 26 July 2015


State forbids pastors calling homosexuality 'sinful'

Sets religious test for volunteer counselors for juvenile offenders.


The state of Kentucky has begun imposing a religious test on volunteer pastor counselors in its youth division, insisting that they refrain from calling homosexuality “sinful” and dismissing those who cannot bend their religious faith to accommodate the state requirements.
The policy was uncovered by Liberty Counsel, which has sent a letter to Bob Hayter, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice, demanding that the state religious test be dropped and that a dismissed counselor be reinstated.
“Liberty Counsel writes regarding the blatantly unconstitutional revocation of volunteer prison minister status of ordained Christian minister David Wells, who has provided voluntary spiritual counseling and mentorship to juvenile inmates under the control of the Department of Juvenile Justice. … This revocation was issued by Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center on the basis of the April 4, 2014, DJJ Policy 912, which mandates full DJJ support of homosexuality and transvestism.
“With no evidence of any violation of DJJ policy on Mr. Wells’ part, his volunteer status was revoked by the Warren RJDC superintendent because he could not sign a state-mandated statement that homosexuality was not ‘sinful,’ among other things,” the letter said.
The policy states that DJJ staff, volunteers and others “shall not imply or tell LGBTQI juveniles that they are abnormal, deviant, sinful or that they can or should change their sexual orientation or gender identity.”
WND requested a comment from the state agency, but there was no immediate response.
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Friday, 24 July 2015



This isn't conspiracy theory. It's FACT!
BREAKING: FOX News has confirmed that the Obama Administration ran guns from Benghazi to Syria before the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on September ...11, 2012 that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans.
The report reveals that U.S. Intelligence agencies were fully aware that weapons were moving from the terrorist stronghold in Libya to Syria before the attack that killed four Americans. It also ties the attack to the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and puts to rest the Obama/Clinton narrative that the attack was a "spontaneous demonstration caused by a YouTube video." WATCH BELOW!

The President Of France Wants Eurozone Members To Transfer Their Sovereignty To A United States Of Europe

EU Poster Tower Of Babel
EU poster showing the EU rebuilding the Tower of Babel
The President of France has come up with a very creative way of solving the European debt crisis.  On Sunday, a piece authored by French President Francois Hollande suggested that the ultimate solution to the problems currently plaguing Europe would be for every member of the eurozone to transfer all of their sovereignty to a newly created federal government. 
In other words, it would essentially be a “United States of Europe”.  This federal government would have a prime minister, a parliament, a federal budget and a federal treasury.  Presumably, the current national governments in Europe would continue to function much like state governments in the U.S. do.  In the end, there may be some benefits to such a union – particularly for the weaker members of the eurozone.  But at what cost would those benefits come?
When I first learned that French President Francois Hollande had proposed that the members of the eurozone should create their own version of a federal government, I was quite stunned.  But I shouldn’t have been surprised.  For the global elite, the answer to just about any problem is more centralization.  The following comes from a Bloomberg article that was posted on Sunday…
French President Francois Hollande said that the 19 countries using the euro need their own government complete with a budget and parliament to cooperate better and overcome the Greek crisis.
“Circumstances are leading us to accelerate,” Hollande said in an opinion piece published by the Journal du Dimanche on Sunday. “What threatens us is not too much Europe, but a lack of it.”
So precisely what would “more Europe” look like?
Hollande envisions a central government that has both a parliament and a federal budget
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Implanted ‘neural dust’ to control your brain

University of California researchers from Berkeley have made up a concept of so-called ‘neural dust’. Extremely tiny microchips now may be implanted in the human brain.
The chips are planned to be implanted in the main body organ in order to study person’s thoughts and track psychological processes.
The scientists claim, the technology will be so tiny, a person will hardly notice it being injected.
Device can be placed into a person’s cerebral cortex and powered by special piezoelectric materials, so that it wouldn’t require a recharge.
After gathering data on person’s brain activity, the dust then transmits it to a special transmitter installed on a person’s scalp, enabling it to be read outside the brain.
As reported, the technology aims at treating chronic diseases and ‘severe disabilities’.
However, the security measures are not known, and anyone getting access will be able to control you, and even model your behavior, what raises concerns.
The project is part of the Obama federal program ‘BRAIN Initiative’, and is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Top Scientific Advisor to Pope is Atheist, GAIA Believer, Wants One World Government [+video]
A top scientific advisor to Pope Francis, Hans Schellnhuber, is an atheist and a Gaia believer says Dr. William Briggs, a Catholic climate scientist who was interviewed this week on The Joe Miller Show. And his Gaia beliefs aren’t superficial: he openly contends that the Earth is “self-aware” and “cognizant.”

Schellnhuber is also a hard-core advocate for one-world government, contending that the world needs a functioning international government with an “Earth Constitution” and “planetary court.” Disturbingly, the Pope’s recent encyclical also embraces international governance and controls to address man-made global warming, suggesting that Schellnhuber may be influencing official church policy.
Dr. Briggs suggests that the Pope may be getting played by environmental activists but admits that no one really knows given how carefully the Pope has kept his true views from the public eye. However, at an upcoming Vatican conference, only leftist climate scientists have been invited. The Pope has also invited a slew of very liberal political figures who have no background in science but could help advance the international climate change agenda.
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NASA’s ‘Planet X’ Files Leaked: NASA Knows Nibiru Is Coming, Says Conspiracy Theorists

(Bob: I am not saying it IS but could this be the object the Roman Catholic astronomers at Mount Graham have been watching for sometime and refused to discuss with Tom Horn and Cris Putnam?)

Planet X

There is evidence of an ongoing resurgence of the Planet X (also known as Nibiru) cataclysm conspiracy theory following the publication of new scientific studies in 2014 claiming evidence of a mysterious unnamed planet lurking beyond Pluto. The scientific claims were based on observations of gravitational influences on a group of space bodies termed the “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” (ETNOs) orbiting our Sun beyond the planet Neptune.
A slew of messages and YouTube videos currently being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere claims that a NASA study published in 1988 revealed details about the mysterious Planet X/Nibiru with an estimated orbital period of more than 1,000 years.
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Capital exodus from China reaches $800bn as crisis deepens

China is reverting to credit stimulus after attempts to engineer a stock market boom failed horribly. The day of reckoning is delayed again


By the time police were alerted to the operation some 200 people, mostly small business owners, had left deposits of between 100,000 yuan and 20 million yuan
The Chinese central bank is being forced to run down the country's foreign reserves to defend the yuan Photo: Alamy
China is engineering yet another mini-boom. Credit is picking up again. The Communist Party has helpfully outlawed falling equity prices.
Economic growth will almost certainly accelerate over the next few months, giving global commodity markets a brief reprieve.
Yet the underlying picture in China is going from bad to worse. Robin Brooks at Goldman Sachs estimates that capital outflows topped $224bn in the second quarter, a level "beyond anything seen historically".
The Chinese central bank (PBOC) is being forced to run down the country's foreign reserves to defend the yuan. This intervention is becoming chronic. The volume is rising. Mr Brooks calculates that the authorities sold $48bn of bonds between March and June.
Charles Dumas at Lombard Street Research says capital outflows - when will we start calling it capital flight? - have reached $800bn over the past year. These are frighteningly large sums of money.
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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Big city leaders gather at Vatican to address climate change, human trafficking


Pope Francis has hosted mayors from some the largest cities in the world at a Vatican conference designed to combat climate change and human trafficking. Comprehensive climate talks are scheduled for December in Paris.
Vatikan, Papst Franziskus hält Konferenz zu Klimawandel und moderner Sklaverei
Dozens of mayors from some of the world's largest cities gathered at the Vatican on Tuesday, urging their national leaders to take bold action to combat climate change.
Some of the 60 mayors invited to the two-day Vatican conference lined up to sign a final declaration stating that "human-induced climate change is a scientific reality and its effective control is a moral imperative for humanity."
The assembled leaders sought to keep pressure on world leaders in advance of climate negotiations scheduled for this December in Paris, and as new data revealed the first half of 2015 to be the hottest six months on record.
Pope Francis told the gathering "You are the conscience of humanity,"
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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pope Francis leading the new American (Socialist) Revolution
Yes, Pope Francis is encouraging civil disobedience, leading a rebellion. Listen closely, Francis knows he’s inciting political rebellion, an uprising of the masses against the world’s superrich capitalists. And yet, right-wing conservatives remain in denial, tuning out the pope’s message, hoping he’ll just go away like the “Occupy Wall Street” movement did.
Never. America’s narcissistic addiction to presidential politics is dumbing down our collective brain. Warning: Forget Bernie vs. Hillary.
Forget the circus-clown-car distractions created by Trump vs. the GOP’s Fab 15. Pope Francis is only real political leader that matters this year. Forget the rest.
Here’s why:
Pope Francis is not just leading a “Second American Revolution,” he is rallying people across the Earth, middle class as well as poor, inciting billions to rise up in a global economic revolution, one that could suddenly sweep the planet, like the 1789 French storming the Bastille.
Unfortunately, conservative capitalists — Big Oil, Koch billionaires, our GOP Congress and all fossil-fuel climate-science deniers — are blind to the fact their ideology is on the wrong side of history, that by fighting a no-win battle they are committing suicide, self-destructing their own ideology.
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Iran defense chief forbids international inspections of military sites

Despite nuclear deal’s terms, Hossein Dehqan says IAEA won’t be allowed to probe ‘defensive and missile capabilities’

Iranian technicians working at a facility producing uranium fuel for a planned heavy-water nuclear reactor, outside Isfahan, in 2009. (AP/Vahid Salemi)
Iranian technicians working at a facility producing uranium fuel for a planned heavy-water nuclear reactor, outside Isfahan, in 2009. (AP/Vahid Salemi)
Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan also said the nuclear deal does not limit Iran’s missile development, which he maintained Tehran would “resolutely” pursue.
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Iran says UN can’t ban ballistic missiles under nuke deal

After Security Council endorses pact, Tehran claims prohibition on missile development not relevant to world body, adds atomic watchdog won’t want to inspect military sites

Illustrative photo of a Fateh-110 ballistic missile, taken at an Iranian armed forces parade in 2012. ( Commons)
Illustrative photo of a Fateh-110 ballistic missile, taken at an Iranian armed forces parade in 2012. ( Commons)
Iran said its ballistic missile program was not connected to the UN Security Council resolution adopted Monday, which endorses its July 14 nuclear accord with world powers.
A statement from the Iranian Foreign Ministry also said that it was “certain” the International Atomic Energy Agency will not request to inspect its military sites.                 
Under the terms of the nuclear deal, Iran is barred from developing ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.
Iran says it has built ballistic missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles), capable of striking its arch-foe Israel.
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Monday, 20 July 2015

Did This Speech Get Judge Napolitano Fired From Fox News?

Asking questions as Judge Andrew Napolitano did in a recent broadcast on his now cancelled daily show may very well be the reason behind his recent dismissal from Fox. Though specific details are hard to come by because the Judge has yet to give any interviews on the matter, it's believed that his refusal to bow to commonly manufactured media narratives is among one of several key reasons he is no longer with the network.

The following 5-Minute Speech that Got Napolitano Fired from Fox News is one that should not only be forwarded and shared with every single man, woman and child in this country, but taught and expounded upon in every social studies, civics and government class from first grade through college.


French President Francois Hollande calls for creation of eurozone government after Greece crisis
      Astrid Wendlandt             
French President Francois Hollande said Europe had let its institutions become weaker and admitted the European Union's 28 members were "struggling to find common ground".
French President Francois Hollande said Europe had let its institutions become weaker and admitted the European Union's 28 members were "struggling to find common ground". Photo: Alian Jocard
Paris: French President Francois Hollande on Sunday called for the creation of a eurozone government and for citizens to renew their faith in the European project, which has been weakened by the Greek crisis.
Reviving an idea originally put forward by former European Commission chief Jacques Delors, Mr Hollande proposed "a government of the eurozone [with] a specific budget as well as a parliament to ensure its democratic control".
The French President said the 19 member states of the eurozone had chosen to join the monetary union because it was in their interests and no one had "taken the responsibility of getting out of it".
Read Full Article Here
Finland Prepares New Military Buildup at Russian Border
Finland's defense ministry has begun preparing new military units to be deployed at its border with Russia, and is pushing for more defense budget allocations.
Finland's military has begun preparing rapid response units for deployment along the Russian border, DefenseNews reported.

The move follows an increased push for militarization which has been ongoing since Finland's elections in April. The elections were followed by a series of mysterious incidents in which Finland's military claimed that it spotted "underwater objects" in its territorial waters, which could not be found on further inquiry. The legislative basis for the new units is still lacking, according to the chairman of Finland's Parliamentary Defense Committee Ilkka Kanerva.

"New legislation is needed to enable the armed forces to recruit reservists in a transparent and efficient way. Under the present system, reservist contracts do not stipulate exact service times or how quickly reservists can be mobilized and armed," Kanerva said, as cited by the publication.
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China & Russia align strategies against US: Global Times

Staff Reporter

Chinese president Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin meet for the BRICS summit in the Russian city of Ufa, July 8, 2015. (Photo/Xinhua)
China and Russia are aligning their strategies to team up against the United States, according to a commentary by the Global Times, a tabloid under the auspices of the Communist Party mouthpiece People's Daily.
Following more than two decades of development, bilateral relations between China and Russia have reached a new phase, the July 18 commentary said, adding that China now considers Russia an irreplaceable partner for all its key strategies.
These include the Silk Road Economic Belt, the land-based component of Beijing's amibitious "Belt and Road" initiative to boost cooperation and connectivity in Eurasia; the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the political, economic and military organisation the two countries founded along with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan; and the BRICS association comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, as well as the group's New Development Bank.
During Chinese president Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow in May, the two sides also signed off on a joint declaration detailing cooperation between the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Eurasian Economic Union, which comprises the Eurasian states of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
Beijing appears to be working hard to eliminate Moscow's wariness and concerns to form a China-Russia "dual engine," Global Times said, noting that there is still some tension stemming from the perceived competition between the Trans-Asian Railway supported by China and the Trans-Siberian Railway pushed by Russia, as well as the Central Asia–China gas pipeline from Central Asia to the northwest Chinese region of Xinjiang and the Altai gas pipeline from Russia's Western Siberia to North-Western China.
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Sunday, 19 July 2015

“Woe to those who speak of evil as good and of good as evil; who make darkness into light and light into darkness.” (Isaiah 5:20)
(Photo: Malacañang Photo Bureau/ Wiki Commons)
A recent Breaking Israel News article about the nascent Sanhedrin’s intention to put Pope Francis on trial in absentia for his recognizing the Palestinian state has caused quite a ruckus.
Though it may seem shocking to many that a group of rabbis would interfere in international policy, or exert authority over the Pope, the Sanhedrin feels compelled to do so. Rabbi Dov Stein, the secretary of the Sanhedrin, explained to Breaking Israel News that he feels it is their duty to bring God’s law into this world.
Thus far, the Vatican has not responded to the Sanhedrin’s letter. “As expected, no.  It would seem that the Pope has chosen to ignore the letter. But a trial will be held anyway, and the result may be very risky for the Pope,” Stein said.

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Wednesday, 15 July 2015



World strikes final “historic” nuclear deal with Iran. Will it bring peace, or war? Here are my initial thoughts.

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Delegates from Iran and a group of six nations led by the United States in Vienna on Tuesday after reaching an accord.   Credit Carlos Barria/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images  (NYT)

                 Delegates from Iran and a group of six nations led by the United States in Vienna on Tuesday after reaching an accord.
Credit Carlos Barria/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images (NYT)
                                          ( Central Israel)
 Lynn and I flew back home to Israel today, and arrived just as the news was breaking that the international community has struck a final nuclear deal with Iran.
Will it bring peace, or war? I am still reading through the 100-page agreement and will have more analysis later. But here are a few initial comments and observations.
President Obama and his team are convinced they have cut off Iran’s path to The Bomb and that the world will now enter a season of peace and stability. “Today after two years of negotiation the United States together with the international community has achieved something that decades of animosity has not: a comprehensive long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” the president said.

The Iranian leadership is euphoric — they are calling the agreement “historic,” and celebrating their victory over the West. No wonder. They got nearly everything they wanted and gave up no serious concessions. 
Under this deal, Iran can continue enriching uranium. They don’t have to dismantle any nuclear facilities — not a single one. They don’t have to shut down their ballistic missile factories or dismantle any of their ballistic missiles.
They don’t have to promise to stop funding and supporting international terrorism. They don’t have to release a single American citizen held in Iran — not Pastor Saeed or the Washington Post reporter on trial for his life or any of the others. The list goes on and on.
The Israeli government is also calling the deal historic — “a stunning historic mistake.” In the car ride from the airport to our home, Lynn and I listened to a live radio broadcast of Prime Minister Netanyahu addressing the nation. Here are some of the highlights:
  • “Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran and Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran because Iran continues to seek our destruction.”
  • “This deal repeats the mistakes made with North Korea. There too we were assured that inspections and verifications would prevent a rogue regime from developing nuclear weapons. And we all know how that ended.”
  • “In the coming decade, the deal will reward Iran, the terrorist regime in Tehran, with hundreds of billions of dollars. This cash bonanza will fuel Iran’s terrorism worldwide, its aggression in the region and its efforts to destroy Israel, which are ongoing.”
  • “Amazingly, this bad deal does not require Iran to cease its aggressive behavior in any way. And just last Friday, that aggression was on display for all to see. While the negotiators were closing the deal in Vienna, Iran’s supposedly moderate president chose to go to a rally in Tehran and at this rally, a frenzied mob burned American and Israeli flags and chanted ‘Death to America, Death to Israel!’ Now, this didn’t happen four years ago. It happened four days ago.”
Does Netanyahu’s remarks signal military action against Iran is coming, and/or coming soon? That’s not clear. But it cannot be ruled out. Israeli leaders certainly want to find a way to neutralize the Iran nuclear threat without using force. But Israel has successfully used preemptive air strikes to destroy two foreign nuclear facilities over the years, in Iraq in 1981, and in Syria in 2007. The possibility of an Israeli preemptive strike against Iran has just gone up significantly.
Readers of this blog know that I wrote a trilogy of political thrillers several years ago — The Twelfth Imam, The Tehran Initiative, and Damascus Countdown — imagining what might happen if a foolish American President inadvertently allowed Iran to secretly build a small arsenal of nuclear weapons, and an Israeli Prime Minister decided he had no other option than to launch a massive preemptive strike against Iran.
Still, that was fiction.
I pray that nothing in those novels will come to pass. I certainly don’t wish for a war with Iran, especially now that my family and I live in Israel. Indeed, I’m praying for a peaceful resolution to this mounting crisis, and I’m asking the Lord to move mightily to bring down this evil regime in Tehran and end the nuclear threat through any means other than war.
But the Lord may allow a war to come.
Leaders in this region — both Israeli and Arab — may conclude a preemptive war soon would be far preferable to a nuclear war with Iran later.
So we must be ready for whatever comes next. I hope you will join me in praying for “the peace of Jerusalem,” as the Psalmist commands us in Psalm 122:6. Pray, too, for wisdom for the leaders in this region to know how best to deal with this challenge. And pray that the people and leaders of the region turn to the Lord for His wisdom and His grace and salvation, not their own.
Again, I will post more analysis in the days ahead as I work my way through the agreement, and as we see how other leaders and nations react to the deal.
For now, let me share with you what the former head of Israeli military intelligence noted in assessing the situation: “There are three likely scenarios for where the world goes from here,” notes Amos Yadlin.
  1. Iran somehow transforms itself into a less malign state and constructively engages with the family of nations. Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely.
  2. Iran decides in a few years to renege on its commitments, as North Korea did in 2003. If Tehran calculates that the gains of this approach outweigh the retaliation it would provoke by the West, there is no doubt they will go for the bomb. Israel and the international community must maintain a credible military option at all times to stop Iran producing a nuclear weapon.
  3. Iran plays it safe, keeping to the letter if not the spirit of the agreement, while waiting for any restrictions on it to expire in a decade. While doing this, Iran improves its technological know-how, continues to sponsor terrorism, and calls for the destruction of Israel.
“The deal and the lifting of sanctions on Tehran will pour more than $100 billion into Iran,” notes Yadlin. “Even a fraction of that sum will triple the budgets of terrorists such as Assad, Hizbullah and Hamas.”
He adds: “Israel learned long ago that taking out a nuclear program doesn’t equate to war.”
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