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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Turkish President and PM: “We Will Gather Together All Of The Muslim World and Invade Jerusalem”

PRESIDENT Erdogan and PM Dovutoglu of Turkey have declared: “We will gather the Muslim world, invade Jerusalem and create a one world Islamic Empire.”
By Allah’s will, Jerusalem belongs to the Kurds, the Turks, the Arabs, and to all Muslims. And as our forefathers fought side by side at Gallipoli, and just as our forefathers went together to liberate Jerusalem with Saladin, we will march together on the same path [to liberate Jerusalem].
These are the words just declared by Dovutoglu, the Prime Minister of Turkey. You would think its coming straight from the mouth of the Antichrist.
The amazing speeches by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu were given at the inauguration ceremony at the country’s 55th airport in Yuksekova district of southeastern border province of Hakkari, in which they made an entire declaration to the Islamic world, on their desire to conquer Jerusalem and form a universal Islamic empire.
Prime Minister Davutoglu said that an agreement was made with President Erdogan to name the Yuksekova Airport in as Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport, after Saladin of the Ayyubids, the Kurdish-origin Muslim conqueror of al-Quds, or Jerusalem, and one of the great enemies of the Christian crusaders, especially Richard the Lionheart.
In the conference Davutoglu declared the universally Islamic aspiration to conquer Jerusalem:
By Allah’s will, Jerusalem belongs to the Kurds, the Turks, the Arabs, and to all Muslims. And as our forefathers fought side by side at Gallipoli, and just as our forefathers went together to liberate Jerusalem with Saladin, we will march together on the same path [to liberate Jerusalem].
Many of the English media outlets, like World Bulletin, are trying to cover up the reality of this speech, and are actually falsifying the translation, saying that the speech is “to give a message of unity and brotherhood.”
This is false, as we have already demonstrated. Arabic media clearly shows the accurate translation. Arab media is calling it for what it is, “We will march to liberate Jerusalem: Says Davutuglo In Naming The Airport Saladin,” says the headline of Hasrr.
Watch the video of the speeches below:

Again, here we have the prime minister, with Erdogan, declaring the Islamic desire to conquer Jerusalem. This desire to retake Jerusalem is the same sentiment that the Muslims of the Middle Ages were fighting to fulfill. Now that Turkey wants to pursue this very same conquests, it is obvious that we are going back to Medieval Times.
They are praising Saladin who fought a very fierce battle with Richard the Lionheart in the Battle of Acre, in which the Christians won, and who defeated the Christians in the Battle of Jerusalem, and they are also speaking of the Battle of Gallipoli, in which the Muslims defeated the Christian English.
Erdogan made more revealing statements on going back to the Crusades, declaring that he communicates with the soul of Saladin (which is necromancy), going so far as to say that he was in the presence of Saladin. The Turkish media outlet, Anadolu, quoted the statement of Erdogan from his speech:
I am sure the great commander [Saladin] is bringing together all the people of the Middle East into the one army that defeated the Crusaders. He [Saladin] is currently witnessing what we are doing here spiritually. I was in his spiritual presence and I am addressing him [Saladin] here in Hakkari with the mighty men, be it eastern, brave south eastern, valiant Anatolian, in old Turkey, they all promise you, O Saladin, if you united the brothers in the Middle East and so will we. You [Saladin] said, ‘Jerusalem is not for the Crusaders.’, Saladin you witness this, Allah witnesses this.
Talking to the dead is against orthodox Sunni Islam, but it is not against Sufi Islam, in which Rumi (the top theologian of Sufism) encouraged the communication with the souls of dead Sufi masters.
Erdogan is proclaiming himself to be a reincarnation of Saladin, and he says that if anyone sees Saladin (that is, him, “Erdogan”) as God. Erdogan is making himself to be another Christ, hijacking the words of Jesus, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father” (John 14:9), to himself. He ended his speech with:
Jerusalem is for the Muslims, and not for Israel. Why should continue to be friends with those who stomped their boots, stepping on Masjid al-Aqsa (the Temple Mount). They insist that we (Turkey and Israel) have to be friends? I say, we will not!
Erdogan’s speech is even more amazing, he said:
One people, one flag, one nation, and one state
Here Erdogan is speaking of the Caliphate state, the universal Islamic empire of the Ottomans. This is a direct declaration to revive the Ottoman Empire. Davutoglu’s statements also included similar rhetoric:
The Turkish government does not differentiate, from East to West… We intend to put together all of the regions of our nations and we will bring closer this regions back together.
What Davutoglu is saying is that whatever was East of Turkey that was Ottoman, and whatever was West of Turkey, that was Ottoman, we will bring back together under the Ottoman.
Updated to correct Turkish translation
“O Saladin, if you united the brothers in the Middle East and so will we. You [Saladin] said, ‘Jerusalem is not for the Crusaders.’, Saladin you witness this, Allah witnesses this.”

Saturday, 30 May 2015


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Scientists: Everybody Will Want Brain Chips That Offer Them “Limitless Power”


Scientists at Caltech reported Thursday 21 May, that they had developed an implantable chip that gave a tetraplegic man, Erik G. Sorto, the power to drink beer with a robot arm.
This is just the beginning. Researchers are working on all manner of silicon-based devices that go inside the body and manipulate the body’s signals to create motion.
They believe these chips will not only be able to help those with paralysis one day — but also usher in a new era of robot adjuncts controlled by someone’s thoughts that will be able to perform all manner of jobs from lifting dangerous objects to filing papers.
Writing in the Wall Street Journal, two scholars contend “brain implants today are where laser eye surgery was several decades ago.”
Gary Marcus, a professor of psychology at New York University and Christof Koch, chief science of the Allen Brain Institute for Brain Science in Seattle wonder: What would you give for a retinal chip that let you see in the dark or for a next-generation cochlear implant that let you hear any conversation in a noisy restaurant, no matter how loud?
Or for a memory chip, wired directly into your brain’s hippocampus, that gave you perfect recall of everything you read?
Or for an implanted interface with the Internet that automatically translated a clearly articulated silent thought (“the French sun king”) into an online search that digested the relevant Wikipedia page and projected a summary directly into your brain? (READ MORE)

Leading Islamic Voice Calls For Reconquering Jerusalem, Appears In Hologram (Giving Life To The Image Of The Beast?)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on his countrymen to refocus on the Ottoman goal of re-conquering Jerusalem for Islam and uniting Shia and Sunni tribes for that same mission.
In a speech that got almost no coverage in the Western media, Erdogan talked about invading and reconquering Jerusalem, according to an article in the Anadolu Agency of Turkey.
“We Muslims lost our way toward Jerusalem,” he told throngs of adoring Turks while in the state of Erzincan in central Turkey. “The water of our eyes froze making us blind, and our hearts that was destined to beat for Jerusalem is now instead conditioned for rivalry being in a state of war with each other.”
Erdogan was in the city to promote numerous service projects, but the speech focused on Jerusalem

If Elected President, Would Mike Huckabee Order Disclosure Of The Ark Of The Covenant’s Whereabouts?

Huckabee Jones
The GOP candidate endorses a “Jewish Indiana Jones” who claims the CIA is interested in him because he knows the location of this legendary biblical artifact.
Harry Moskoff wouldn’t immediately strike you as the guy to discover the true location of the Ark of the Covenant, the chest that supposedly once held the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written.
He was born in Canada, studied jazz at Berklee College of Music, worked in IT, and started a company that specialized in copyright infringement claims when he moved to Tel Aviv 10 years ago. But in his free time, the ordained rabbi has dabbled in biblical archeology, poring over ancient texts and contemporary works, in search of any unturned stone that might help him track down the ark.
“I came up with a theory via Maimonides as to where the ark is located, which I later discussed with rabbis and archeologists in Israel,” he told the Times of Israel in 2013. “It was a Jewish Da Vinci Code type project.”
His grand theory? It’s been in Jerusalem all this time, buried underneath the courtyard of the Temple of Solomon. To promote his discovery, in 2013 he made a sci-fi movie called The A.R.K. Report. (READ MORE)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


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Monday, 25 May 2015


Transgender ‘Baptism’ Ceremony Is Now a Thing, According to the Church of England

The Church of England is set to debate plans for a ceremony akin to a baptism for people who have recently undergone gender reassignment surgery.
Rev Chris Newlands, vicar of Lancaster Priory, has put the motion to the General Synod, the Church’s governing body, after he was approached by a transgender person wanting to be “re-baptised” as a man.
Recalling the conversation, Newlands told The Guardian: “I said: ‘Once you’ve been baptised, you’re baptised’. He said: ‘But I was baptised as a girl, under a different name.’
“I said: ‘Let me have a think about it’. So we did and then we created a service, which was an affirmation of baptismal vows where we could introduce him to God with his new name and his new identity.”
The result was a “really joyful occasion”, Newlands added.
It comes after Susan Musgrove, 62, had a “public affirmation” service at St Andrew’s Church, Corbridge two years ago after becoming a woman. She said Rev Newlands’s motion was “no big deal”, adding: “In the day and age of same-sex marriage, same-sex parenting, for the Church of England to acknowledge this, to want to take it to the House of Bishops – it’s fantastic.”
However, conservatives in the Church of England have raised concerns about the motion. Andrew Symes, executive secretary of Anglican Mainstream, said:
“The Christian faith has always taught that people are created male and female. We speak for the conservative traditional point of view. We are aware there are a number of people who want to change from one gender to another and that’s a new thing for the church to deal with. It would be something that would go against the teachings of the church up till now. It would be something that would cause controversy.
“To recognise all people is something the church should be doing but to have a service of blessing for someone to change their gender is a new idea. It’s not been discussed before in the Church of England. It would need a lot of discussion and debate by theologians and I would need to know whether there are other agendas by the people bringing it. I would be very surprised if the diocese has passed the motion without a lot of discussion and debate.”
The motion reads: “That this Synod, recognising the need for transgender people to be welcomed and affirmed in their parish church, call on the House of Bishops to consider whether some nationally commended liturgical materials might be prepared to mark a person’s gender transition.”
It has already been passed by the Blackburn diocese, but will have to wait to be debated by the General Synod. There is also no guarantee that it will pass.
A spokesman for the Archbishops’ Council said: “Any of the 42 diocesan synods is free to propose items for debate at the General Synod. The Blackburn motion will join a queue of motions for debate and is therefore unlikely to be debated imminently. As the motion itself makes clear, any motion passed at General Synod would be the beginning not the end of a process.”

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Rob Bell, former megachurch pastor turned spiritual advisor to Oprah Winfrey, said that the culture is ready to embrace homosexuality and same-sex marriage and if the church hopes to stay relevant, it must accept those relationships and stop looking to the Bible as its best defense.

Bell was recently asked by Winfrey on her network's show, Super Soul Sunday, how close Christian churches are to a...
ccepting homosexuality. Bell said they are "close" and warned that if they don't, they will become even more irrelevant than before:

I think culture is already there and the church will continue to be even more irrelevant when it quotes letters from 2,000 years ago as their best defense, when you have in front of you flesh-and-blood people who are your brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles, and co-workers and neighbors, and they love each other and just want to go through life with someone.

Winfrey stated the obvious: "You sound really progressive to me.""

Read the rest here:

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Friday, 22 May 2015

Will Cash Soon Be Obsolete? First Shops Plan To Ban It In 2016

Writing could be on the wall for paper money

Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


The future could well be a cash-free place, with all transactions done via cards and smartphone payments instead.

This week, the Danish government paved the way for the world’s first cash-free shops, where paper money will not be welcome.

Backed by a UN fund, the move could be mirrored by other countries around the worlld.

In a landmark move, the Danish Chamber of Commerce recommended that shops be allowed to ban cash.

Instead, retailers would switch to using debit and credit cards and smartphone payments only.

If the measure is approved by Parliament, retailers could reject customers who try to use cash from January 2016.

‘We’ve recognised what merchants have been telling us for some time now,’ said Sofie Findling Andersen of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

‘Using cash is expensive, because it takes time for salaried employees to handle, and it’s also a security concern.

Denmark’s move is supported by the  UN Capital Development Fund’s Better Than Cash Alliance, which hopes to accelerate the shift towards electronic payments worldwide.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

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6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes West Pacific – Papua New Guinea
     The area East of Papua New Guinea has been hit with another large 7.0M (6.9 magnitude) earthquake.   Striking the Santa Cruz / Soloman Islands region located West of Fiji.
This large earthquake was expected to occur after the multiple deep earthquakes over the past 7 days across the area.
7.0 png may 20 2015
A forecast warning was issued again for Papua New Guinea (East of PNG) 5 days ago:
quote the warning issued on May 14th, 2015 after a series of NEW deep earthquakes struck.
“A noteworthy series of deep asthenosphere earthquakes has now occurred across the West Pacific (seen raised high off the globe in this graphic).
The deep earthquakes are now displacing the shallow areas above the events…. which means we need to watch the center of this “triangle” of deep earthquakes, and to the West / Northwest of this triangle.

This leads us back to the two areas we are already watching.. Papua New Guinea (yet again), and the Northwest Pacific near Japan to Taiwan. Keep watch for a shallow large earthquake as a result of this deep smaller movement.
The deep movement displaces the area above and to the West/Northwest of the deep movement epicenter.
Also, still watching for a large compensation earthquake in Kamchatka / Kuril islands to make up for all the activity to the South over the past week to 2 weeks. (four different 7.0M+ earthquakes in Papua New Guinea over the past week).

EU to get rid of cash – new economic totalitarian regime

 Source: Pravda.Ru       
EU to get rid of cash – new economic totalitarian regime. Economy
Source: Pravda.Ru photo archive
Brussels is going to bring about new steps in order to cope with the debts of European bank reserves. It decided not to undertake any further reforms to tackle the existing economic problems but rather to get rid of all cash.
To maintain the euro, they must maintain the banks. But the bank reserves consist of debts of all member states. As government becomes insolvent as in Greece, the banking system is undermined.
The only way to prevent the banking collapse is to prevent people from withdrawing cash.
Hence, we see this trend surfacing all the mainstream press to get the people ready for what is coming after 2015. We can even evidence this approach in major parts of Germany.
There will be no ability to buy or sell anything without government approval. That is where we are going and this may be the major event that erupts after 2015.
Thus, the European banking system may face totalitarian regime.
The bail-in that took place in Cyprus has further encouraged governments to safely continue on the course.
- See more at:

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


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The Vatican, UFOs and Aliens


The Great Falling Away to Rome


Rome Gathers Her Children For Judgment


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Joe Biden Says Bible Believing Christians Violate LGBT Rights By Simply Existing

Statement by the Vice President on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.
“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” Romans 1:26,27 (KJV)
Vice President Joe Biden say today that the rights of the LGBT people are violated by “religious condemnation”. He is directly referring to Bible verses like the one posted at the top of this article. The Progressive Liberals are well aware that it is God, speaking by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, that condemns homosexuality in all it’s many forms.
According to Joe Biden, the American Bible believing Christian who takes the Bible literally, is violating the “rights” of the LGBT by trusting in God’s word. And this is why old-fashioned preaching will soon be classified as a “hate crime”. Because Liberals can’t stand it.
Biden is also saying that the rights of the Christian are inferior to the rights of the LGBT individual.
“And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel:” 2 Samuel 4:21 (KJV)
Here is the full transcript of his remarks:
My father taught me the simple notion that everyone, everywhere is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. 
When it comes to LGBT people, that simple proposition has been painfully difficult to accomplish over the years. But in the last decade, thanks to the astounding bravery of the LGBT community and those who have championed their cause, the United States has made remarkable progress toward the ultimate goal of equality in law and in life. Our progress remains incomplete, but the momentum has shifted in the right direction.
Progress has also been made in many places around the world. But in too many places, life for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals is actually getting worse. In too many places, LGBT community members face violence with impunity, mistreatment by police, the denial of healthcare, or religious condemnation and social isolation.
The best mechanism to confront this hatred is to speak up in favor of universal human rights. Supportive voices must be heard. Today and every day, let us continue to defend the rights of LGBT people, whether from nearby cities or far-off villages. We cannot rest until everyone receives the dignity, respect, and equal treatment under the law that all people deserve. source
Instead of “respecting universal human rights”, the Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination that needs to be repented of. Jesus Christ went to the cross to redeem the homosexual, that’s true. But He did not go to the cross to preserve homosexuality. He came to abolish that, and all sin.
There is no such thing as same-sex marriage, anymore than say a man marrying his dog would constitute a wedding. Sleeping in your garage does not make you a car. There is not one example in the Bible of God supporting, at any time, anything having to do with homosexuality. Churches that perform gay marriage ceremonies do it completely outside the blessing of God, and indeed bring down the wrath of God. The mark of Ichabod gets carved into the doorposts of every church that supports the LGBT movement.
Obama’s America, with it’s sky-high abortion rates, free-flowing 24 x 7 gambling, legalized pot, rampant drug and alcohol abuse, and now as the champion of the LGBT Movement, is rapidly becoming everything that the Bible says God hates.
Just the other day I was verbally assaulted and attacked by a vicious lesbian who said that “had no right” to my beliefs, and that this website was “hate speech”. Kinda funny, though, that she said this while all the while demanding that I respect her “right” to be gay. What about my right to believe and follow the Bible? Apparently, I am not entitled to my rights.
And this is exactly why Biden’s remarks today should be taken very seriously. As we have always told you and will continue to tell you, the LGBT is not interested in “tolerance”. They don’t want “acceptance”. What they want is complete and total domination, which is exactly what Obama and his minions are giving them.
“Woe unto them that call evil good…”

Monday, 18 May 2015

Is America is on the verge of being judged and destroyed by God Almighty?

“That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” 2 Thessalonians 2:2,1 (KJV)
J.D. Faraq is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii. Every week, he records for YouTube, a Mid-East Prophecy Update as a part of his sermon. Because he was born and raised in Lebanon, he’s well qualified to give a unique perspective and insight into that region with regard to these end of days and what the Bible predicts will happen.
In his update on 26/4/15, he stated that one of the most frequent questions he gets from YouTube viewers is this: ‘Does America fit into the prophetic equation?’ He stated “I don’t believe it does. Absent repentance and revival, America is a done deal.”
He went on to say that America is on the verge of being judged and destroyed by God, “And even if this country IS the Babylon spoken of in Revelation, then we’re probably even closer to the end by virtue of the prophecy regarding Babylon’s sudden destruction.” I’m sad to say I concur with his assessment, especially when adding all the available data I and many others have been gathering.
Mid-East Prophecy Update – April 26th, 2015:

I told you about the upcoming military exercise, Jade Helm 15, to be conducted in this country from July 15 thru September 15, 2015. Many people, including active duty and veterans all across the armed services, are nervous about what this might bring. Is this the precursor to martial law being instituted in America? Are they going to start confiscating our guns and dragging us off to the FEMA camps?
I can’t tell you for certain that these things will happen as a result of Jade Helm. However, gun confiscation and the round-up of political dissidents WILL most assuredly occur in the not too distant future. ‘Balderdash,’ you say? ‘Our government will never do something like that—besides, the military would never turn on their fellow citizens.’ Really?? Well, guess what?
This has already happened. After Hurricane Katrina, the National Guard went door-to-door in New Orleans, yelling “National Guard! Does anyone need assistance?” as they broke in. They made illegal entry at gunpoint, into the private homes of American citizens, in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, and confiscated any guns they could find. One guardsman recounted, “Only a couple of people resisted verbally and they were quickly thrown down, cuffed and thrown in the back of police cars.”
So, don’t tell me it will never happen. It already did! ‘But,’ you say, ‘they’ll never declare martial law all over the country.’ Is that so? Remember the Boston Marathon bombing? Were you not paying attention as hundreds of National Guardsmen, state and local police locked the city of Boston down, ordering residents to “shelter in place?”

Friday, 15 May 2015

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Obama: Israel Must End “Occupation,” Commit to Two-State Solution

US President Barack Obama called on the new Israeli government to show “a genuine commitment to a two-state solution” and resolve what he called the humanitarian crisis in Gaza following last summer’s war.
In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, a London-based Arabic newspaper, the president expressed his hope that a solution would be found to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, but did admit that it was a “very difficult path forward.”
“I will never give up on the hope for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and the United States will never stop working to realize that goal,” Obama stated.
“As I said when I visited Ramallah two years ago, Palestinian deserve an end to the occupation and the daily indignities that come with it; they deserve to live in an independent, sovereign state, where they can give their children a life of dignity and opportunity.”
Outlining his expectations for the new Israeli government, the president stated: “We look to the new Israeli government and the Palestinians to demonstrate – through policies and actions – a genuine commitment to a two-state solution.”
“Only then can trust be rebuilt and a cycle of escalation avoided,” Obama added.
The relationship between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been filled with increasing tension over the last several years. In numerous public spats between Washington and Jerusalem, the president has openly criticized the prime minister, especially for his stance against the emerging nuclear deal with Iran.
In March, Netanyahu was re-elected by the Israeli public, despite what many believe were covert efforts by the Obama administration to depose the prime minister. During the election, the prime angered western officials when he made comments declaring he would never agree to an independent Palestinian state.
Read Full Story Here

Vatican Officially Recognizes ‘State Of Palestine’ In New Treaty

BREAKING NEWS – The Vatican has officially recognized the state of Palestine in a new treaty. The treaty, which was finalized Wednesday but still has to be signed, makes clear that the Holy See has switched its diplomatic relations from the Palestinian Liberation Organization to the state of Palestine.

The Vatican had welcomed the decision by the U.N. General Assembly in 2012 to recognize a Palestinian state. But the treaty is the first legal document negotiated between the Holy See and the Palestinian state and constitutes an official recognition. FULL REPORT 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Savage: Obama may arm U.S. gangs for race war
Michael Savage
Michael Savage
Warning of a coming race war, talk-radio host Michael Savage, appearing as a guest on Alex Jones “Infowars” program Monday, said President Obama would deputize and arm gang members such as the “Crips and the Bloods” to keep order in American streets.
“Remember my last book, ‘Stop the Coming Civil War’? Guess what. It started,” said Savage.
“Has there been a civil war? Yeah, it’s a slow-burning civil war. What do you think we are looking at here? It’s a race war.
These are their shock troops, they don’t have the brown shirts yet, they don’t have the armbands, but soon Obama could deputize them. Isn’t that a natural army for him, Alex? Take the Crips and the Bloods, give them a green uniform and give them a weapon and they’ll keep order in the streets. Won’t they?”
Watch video of Michael Savage’s comments:

Savage’s vision is not unlike that sparked by critics of then-candidate Obama’s plan, announced at a 2008 appearance in Colorado Springs, to create a “civilian national security force.”
“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set,” Obama said at the time. “We’ve got have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
In his trademark in-your-face style, bestselling author and top conservative talk-show host Michael Savage has a lot to say about the state of the country in “Stop the Coming Civil War.”
It was WND Editor Joseph Farah who raised the obvious questions about Obama’s plans for a civilian army after the speech.

Source Here


Apostate Pastor Rick Warren And Elton John Hold Hands In Congress, Joke About Kissing Each Other


Warren said that theirs would be “the kiss heard round the world”

“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9,10 (KJV)
Laodicean church pastor Rick Warren appeared in Congress with pop icon and outspoken homosexual Elton John on Wednesday to ask for more money for AIDS research. They were clearly having such a good time that they started holding hands as you see in the photo below.
Did Rick ever bother to tell Elton John that he was lost and headed for Hell?

After taking their seats at the witness table, the giddy pair laughed and smiled as they held hands, with Warren saying “Amen” and cautioning Elton John that if they kissed it would be “the kiss heard ‘round the world.” Is Rick Warren trying to tell us something here, is there a “coming out” moment in his future? Hard to say at this point, but sure looks like it.
Such is the state of the professing Christian Church in 2015, weak, powerless, and effeminate. Elton John, the man who has worn more wigs and dresses than Marilyn Monroe, we expect this from. But Rick Warren claims to be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here was his perfect opportunity to lovingly and graciously tell not only Elton John, but all of Congress that without being born again they will die and go to a Devil’s Hell. But instead, he holds hands with a gay man, and jokes about kissing him. It was a joke, right?
“And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Revelation 3:14-16 (KJV)

Rick Warren is the perfect representative of the Church of Laodicea in the last days.

So to Elton John, if you are reading this, I lovingly invite you to get saved and believe the gospel that Jesus Christ was crucified, died, buried and rose again on the 3rd day to purchase forgiveness for your sins on the cross at Calvary.
And Rick Warren, if  you are reading this, I extend the very same invitation to you as well.
Last days indeed…

Nepal Hit by Second 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Weeks After Devastation That Killed Over 8,000 People

5 photos(Photo: Reuters/Navesh Chitrakar)A U.S. rescue team member walks above debris in search for survivors after the earthquake in Kathmandu, May 12, 2015.
A fresh 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Tuesday, killing more than two dozen people in the Himalayan country and neighboring states, as many buildings already weakened by a much bigger quake last month were brought down. The earthquake was centered 68 kilometers (42 miles) west of the town of Namche Bazaar, close to Mount Everest and the border with Tibet, the U.S. Geological Survey said. It could be felt as far away as northern India and Bangladesh.

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Lance Lambert, beloved brother in the Lord, friend to multitudes in Israel and abroad, and world renowned Bible teacher has passed away. Following severe health battles in Greece late last year, Lance was again hospitalized last month in Jerusalem, Israel, where he passed away peacefully Sunday afternoon May 10, 2015.
Lance, for decades, has been known as one of the most distinguished Bible scholars and speakers in Israel and for years had an itinerant teaching ministry worldwide. He was one of the great prophetic voices of our time. Born in 1931, He grew up in Richmond, Surrey and came to know the Lord at twelve years of age. He entered the school of African and Oriental studies at London University to prepare for work in China. He studied Classical Chinese, Mandarin, Oriental Philosophy and Far Eastern History, but the revolution closed the door to European missionaries and his entry into China.

In the early 1950's Lance served in the Royal Air Force in Egypt and later founded Halford House Christian Fellowship in Richmond, England. Having discovered his Jewish ancestry Lance became an Israeli citizen in 1980 and for many years until his passing resided in Jerusalem. His father and many members of his family died in the Holocaust. He produced a widely appreciated quarterly audio recording called the Middle East Update, which gives his unique perspective on current events in the Middle East, in the light of God's Word. He wrote numerous books including The Uniqueness of Israel and is presenter of the video production, Jerusalem, the Covenant City.

Those of us who have loved and known Lance throughout the years deeply mourn his departure from our midst. At the same time, we rejoice in his gain; the Lord Yeshua face to face, the gates opened wide to an eternity of heaven, the words of the Father, "Well done, My good and faithful servant."


Saturday, 9 May 2015

World Armies Preparing for Armageddon: Jade Helm CopyCat Drills Gone Global: China, Russia, Europe, Canada, Japan…It’s Not Begun It’s Here! (video) 
By Lisa Haven 
The world’s armies are readying themselves for an epic Armageddon battle! From Canada’s Project Maple, to Americans Jade Helm, to Europe’s NATO drills, to Chinese and Russian naval war games. Countries are drilling and preparing their troops for battle, and these drills are among the LARGEST drills yet to be initiated! They are preparing for something MAJOR! 
America’s Jade Helm 15 drills are breaking records as forces deploy to occupy 10 different states across American. Preparations include practicing for gun confiscation, martial law preparation, war, and readiness for any type of crisis or cataclysmic scenario.
In Canada Project Maple is also breaking military records as it occupies different parts of the country practicing gun confiscation, martial law, war, and crisis/cataclysmic readiness.
In Europe, NATO is hosting the largest drills in history. Tens of thousands of troops are preparing for war. Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Scotland, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania, UK, Estonia, all involved.
In the Mediterranean Sea China and Russia Naval vessels are conducting their own live fire war games.
In Japan they are hosting navy drills.
“…And these are the beginnings of sorrows…” Mark 13:8
“…You shall hear or wars and rumors of wars…” Matthew 24:6
Here is the breaking report

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