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Monday, 27 April 2015

Excerpt from the new
End Times book
"Antichrist, The Vatican And The Great Deception"
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  "Another interesting link between Rome, prophecy, and the EU is found in the EU flag. The reason behind the 12 stars on the flag of the European Union is in fact the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary. The flag's designer Arsene Heitz states he created the flag whilst meditating on the Virgin Mary. The flag was unveiled on the Catholic feast day celebrating the Immaculate Conception when Catholics celebrate the belief that Mary was conceived without sin. (5) Of course if one looks into what the bible says we discover Mary actually admitted she was a sinner in that she stated in the Magnificat:

 Luke 1:46, 47 And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord,  And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.

 Only those who are sinners need a saviour therefore it is obvious Mary regarded herself as being in need of forgiveness of sins.

 In the book of Revelation chapter 12 a woman is seen with 12 stars around her head which is where the EU stars originate. Most students of biblical prophecy see this as a picture of the nation of Israel. The Vatican, however, insists it is the Virgin Mary.
So when Arsene Heitz designed the flag with the Virgin Mary in mind he used the 12 stars from Revelation 12. Mary is often seen in Catholic paintings with the 12 stars around her head.

 So if, like me, you ever wondered why there were just 12 stars on the flag and no more as the number of member states grew, here is your answer. The flag has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with politics but everything to do with the Roman Catholic Queen of Heaven.
Also in the book of Revelation chapter 17 the last days government of Antichrist is pictured as a beast but the beast is being ridden by a
different woman to the one seen in chapter 12.

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