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Sunday, 15 February 2015

"The 2015 Grammy Awards - America has Died!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The World Rocks Out on the Highway to Hell

By Nathan Leal - February 10, 2015

I titled this article, "The 2015 Grammy Awards - America has Died!" But this country died a long time ago. It's just that most of the carcasses who are walking around do not know that they are perishing and....


...strike that!

Perhaps some of them do know that they are perishing and that's why they sang about it at the Grammys.

This year, the Grammy Awards began with a satanic performance by the 1970's Rock Band AC/DC. They played two songs; "Rock or Bust" and their 1979 hit, "Highway to Hell."

I have many things to say about the show but one of the first disappointments was the Host of this year's Grammys, - LL Cool J.

For those that may know, LLCoolJ (aka James Todd Smith) is an artist who has had much acclaim testifying that he is a Christian and has faith in God.
LLCoolJ began the show by introducing AC/DC. He said,
"...For those who want to Rock, here to kick off the 57th Annual Grammy Awards headed on the highway to Hell, ...AC/DC!"
...and then AC/DC proceeded to play.
They launched with their new song, "Rock or Bust," and then went into their satanic anthem, "Highway to Hell." As they began to play the song, the audience was cued to take a gift that was supplied to them by the Grammys and place it on their heads.
The gift was a pair of plastic devil horns that lit up.
They obeyed and placed the horns on their heads...
They wore their horns proudly....
...and they also sang along.

Katy Perry attended. She sat on the front row and let the world know who's side she's on.
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