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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

City Found 360 Feet Below Missouri City, Giant Human Skeleton Found

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live
St. Paul daily globe., April 14, 1885, SM Kristan T HarrisCoal miners in the city of Moberly, Missouri mining a shaft 360 feet deep, broke into a cavern revealing “a wonderful buried city,” multiple sources reported in 1885.
Incredible rude style masonry and artifacts have been identified. Including stone benches, bronze and flint knives, stone and granite hammers, metal statues, metallic saws and a stone fountain that flowed with “perfectly pure water”, which was found to be impregnated with lime.
“Lying beside the fountain were portions of a human being and from measurement of the bones it concluded that when alive the figure was three times the size of an ordinary man and possessed of wonderful muscular power and quickness. “, according to the St Paul Daily Globe.
The Semi-Weekly South Kentuckian published the measurements of the giants leg, “The bones of the  leg were measured , the femur measuring 4 and 1/2 feet, the tibia four feet and three inches. The head bones had separated in two pieces, the sagittal and cornal suturis having been destroyed”
The city was arched in by a hard and thick stratum of lava. The civilization used a regularly laid out road system enclosed by walls to travel around. A hall was discovered wherein were stone benches, tools of all descriptions for mechanical service.
The searching party spent twelve hours in the depths and only gave up explorations because of the oil in their lamps being low. No end to the wonderful discovery was reached.
The statues were not accurately made as those made by the mechanics in the year 1885, however they demonstrated much skill and an evidence of an advanced civilization.
The facts above are vouched for by Mr. David Coates, the recorder of the city of Moberly, and Mr. George Kealing, City Marshall, who were of the exploring party.
I could find no record of the 2nd exploration. Perhaps in the historic papers on film, in the town of Moberly, information may still exist.
In order to find 8 newspaper stories I needed to search “stratum of lava” 1884-1886.
In an odd coincidence the terms “cave + Missouri”, “Missouri + cave + coal mine”, “Missouri cave fountain”, “Missouri gaint” and countless other rational terms would not locate these articles on the library of congress website.
It seems you need to be clever in your search terms in order to locate historical articles that are relevant.
semi-weekly South Kentuckian 1885 april 17

Bar Kochba Coin Shows Herod's Temple
In A.D. 132, Simeon Bar Kochba led a Jewish revolt against Roman occupation of Israel. Over the next three years, Hadrian's troops decimated Jerusalem, killed Bar Kochba, and scattered the Jews to the slave markets of the world.
Bar Kochba was the only Jew in history to be distinguished as the messiah by their High Priest, an obvious mistake. Unfortunately, his revolt failed. However, during his campaign, Bar Kochba minted some coins, among which, was the one above, showing what Herod's Temple looked like. It is the only drawing of the Temple that has survived the centuries.
Until the discovery of this coin, we had only a word-description of the Temple by Flavius Josephus, an eyewitness to its destruction in A.D. 70. This coin is of special historical value, since the coin's designers were close enough to the Temple to recall what it actually looked like.
The Temple on the coin is shown resting upon a stone foundation. The image of the Temple, itself, shows four fluted columns. Two columns are on each side of an arched doorframe, which contains huge double doors. The Temple's flat roof recalls the construction of the Tabernacle of the wilderness, with its animal skins stretched horizontally taut across a framed rectangle.
Herod's Edomite rule and a corrupt priesthood brought down the dream of a messianic kingdom in the first century. The Bar Kochba coin tells the pathetic story of Herod's pretense. One day, the Third Temple will be rebuilt.
Gold: Man's Most Amazing Discovery
The world's currencies included gold for nearly 2,500 years. Some say, ever since King Croesus of Lydia produced the first gold coins in history. Until the twentieth century, gold was the standard of wealth. There are at least ten billion tons of gold in the oceans, just waiting to be retrieved.
Toward the end of World War I, Dr. Fritz Haber, a German chemist, thought he could repay Germany's war debt from the gold in the North Sea. He tried to produce a method of mining it, but failed. Perhaps one day his idea will be revived.
One of the obstacles to recovering this vast treasure is its elusiveness. Generally, there are ten milligrams of gold to one ton of saltwater, so 2,835 tons of water need to be filtered to produce a single ounce.
Even in most mines, the rate of extraction can be as low as one part gold to 300,000 parts of waste rock.
In 1869, two Englishmen, John Deason and Richard Oates were prospecting in Victoria, Australia, and discovered the largest gold nugget in history. It measured 21 inches long and 10 inches across, and weighed more than 150 pounds. They named it, "the welcome stranger" and sold it for about $50,000.00.
Gold cannot be tarnished by air, water, or most corrosives; and can be melted down time and again without losing any quality. A single ounce can be drawn out to make an unbroken wire 35 miles long - or hammered into a sheet 1/250,000 if an inch thick. Historians say that of all of mankind's discoveries, gold was the most amazing!

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Last night's interview with Tom Horn was so interesting as Tom talked about:
The Return of the Watchers; Ancient American Giants; The Vatican; Portals to other dimensions and more.
Just click the image to view the programme

Thursday, 19 February 2015

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pastor: Christianity Irrelevant if it Continues Quoting The Bible

Says church must accept homosexuality     

Rob Bell, former megachurch pastor turned spiritual advisor to Oprah Winfrey, said that the culture is ready to embrace homosexuality and same-sex marriage and if the church hopes to stay relevant, it must accept those relationships and stop looking to the Bible as its best defense.
Bell was recently asked by Winfrey on her network's show, Super Soul Sunday, how close Christian churches are to accepting homosexuality. Bell said they are "close" and warned that if they don't, they will become even more irrelevant than before:
I think culture is already there and the church will continue to be even more irrelevant when it quotes letters from 2,000 years ago as their best defense, when you have in front of you flesh-and-blood people who are your brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles, and co-workers and neighbors, and they love each other and just want to go through life with someone.
Winfrey stated the obvious: "You sound really progressive to me."
And that Bell is. He has long been dubbed a heretic by other Christian leaders for moving away from the Gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ and into pop-psychology. His best selling books include, Love Wins and Sex God. Bell has also made waves by questioning the existence of Hell and a God of love that would condemn people to be there.
Before he moved to Los Angeles and teamed up with Oprah Winfrey, Bell was the pastor of the 10,000-member-strong Mars Hill Bible Church. He is no longer attending church and says he, his wife, and the group of friends they are "journeying with," are "churching" all the time in service to their surrounding communities.
Bell once said of Winfrey, "She has taught me more about what Jesus has for all of us, and what kind of life Jesus wants us to live, more than almost anybody in my life. Is she a Christian? That word has so much baggage, I wouldn’t want to answer for someone. When Jesus talks about the full divine life, you think, this is what he’s talking about."

H/T The Blaze
Photo: HARPO Studios

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Russian researchers expose 'NSA's secret weapon': Outrage at program that enables America to spy on EVERY home computer in the world is uncovered

  • The NSA has figured out how to hide spying and sabotage software deep within hard drives, according to cyber researchers and former operatives 
  • The group said it found personal computers in 30 countries infected with one or more of the spying programs
  • The most infections were seen in Iran, followed by Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria 
  • The infections started in 2001, but increased drastically in 2008, the year President Barack Obama was elected
  • The tools are designed to run on computers even when they are not connected to the Internet, and even the makers of some of the hard drives are unaware that these programs have been embedded 
  • The spies made a technological breakthrough by figuring out how to lodge malicious software in the obscure code called firmware that launches every time a computer is turned on 
The Moscow-based security software maker Kaspersky Lab said it has found personal computers in 30 countries infected with one or more of the spying programs, with the most infections seen in Iran, followed by Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria.
The targets included government and military institutions, telecommunication companies, banks, energy companies, nuclear researchers, media, and Islamic activists.
Scroll down for video  
Kaspersky said it found personal computers in 30 countries infected with one or more of the spying programs
The NSA has figured out how to hide spying software deep within hard drives , giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world's computers, according to Kaspersky (file photo)
The NSA has figured out how to hide spying software deep within hard drives , giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world's computers, according to Kaspersky (file photo)
The NSA began infecting computers in 2001 claims Kaspersky, ramping up their efforts in 2008 when President Barack Obama was elected.
This 'surpasses anything known in terms of complexity and sophistication of techniques, and that has been active for almost two decades,' said Kaspersky. 
What's more, even the makers of these hard drives are unaware that these spying programs have been installed, with the NSA obtaining their source codes by going so far as to pose as software developers according to former intelligence operatives, or telling the companies the government must do a security audit to make sure their source code is safe.
According to Kaspersky, the spies made a technological breakthrough by figuring out how to lodge malicious software in the obscure code called firmware that launches every time a computer is turned on.
Disk drive firmware is viewed by spies and cybersecurity experts as the second-most valuable real estate on a PC for a hacker, second only to the BIOS code invoked automatically as a computer boots up.
'The hardware will be able to infect the computer over and over,' lead Kaspersky researcher Costin Raiu said in an interview.

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

"The 2015 Grammy Awards - America has Died!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The World Rocks Out on the Highway to Hell

By Nathan Leal - February 10, 2015

I titled this article, "The 2015 Grammy Awards - America has Died!" But this country died a long time ago. It's just that most of the carcasses who are walking around do not know that they are perishing and....


...strike that!

Perhaps some of them do know that they are perishing and that's why they sang about it at the Grammys.

This year, the Grammy Awards began with a satanic performance by the 1970's Rock Band AC/DC. They played two songs; "Rock or Bust" and their 1979 hit, "Highway to Hell."

I have many things to say about the show but one of the first disappointments was the Host of this year's Grammys, - LL Cool J.

For those that may know, LLCoolJ (aka James Todd Smith) is an artist who has had much acclaim testifying that he is a Christian and has faith in God.
LLCoolJ began the show by introducing AC/DC. He said,
"...For those who want to Rock, here to kick off the 57th Annual Grammy Awards headed on the highway to Hell, ...AC/DC!"
...and then AC/DC proceeded to play.
They launched with their new song, "Rock or Bust," and then went into their satanic anthem, "Highway to Hell." As they began to play the song, the audience was cued to take a gift that was supplied to them by the Grammys and place it on their heads.
The gift was a pair of plastic devil horns that lit up.
They obeyed and placed the horns on their heads...
They wore their horns proudly....
...and they also sang along.

Katy Perry attended. She sat on the front row and let the world know who's side she's on.
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Man Who Predicted Collapse Of Euro Against Swiss Franc Warns Current Global Financial System Will Cease To Exist                     

Man Who Predicted Collapse Of Euro Against Swiss Franc Warns Current Global Financial System Will Cease To Exist

Today the man who 73 days ago remarkably predicted the collapse of the euro against the Swiss franc stunned King World News when he said that the current global financial system will cease to exist. This interview takes a frightening look what is really happening around the world and the chaos that is still to come.
Egon von Greyerz:  “Eric, the Greek situation is key because the consequences of the outcome in Greece will have a major impact on the world. 
It’s interesting to note that Greece has been in default or rescheduling its debts for 50 out of the last 200 years.  The Greek Finance Minister, Varafoukis, is playing a very clever game….
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Russian Nuclear Missile Forces Conduct Large-Scale Exercises Across Country

Russian tanks
Russia's Strategic Missile Forces have conducted exercises involving 30 regiments on preparedness, combating chemical weapons attacks and anti-sabotage techniques.
Russia’s nuclear missile force staged large-scale exercises across the vast country Thursday consisting of drills to combat sabotage and chemical weapons attacks. More than 30 regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces were involved in 12 regions, according to Itar-Tass, a Russian news agency close to the government.

“According to the drill scenario, simulated enemy’s sabotage groups planted mines on the combat patrolling route sections and used toxic agents in the field. Engineer troops, radiological, chemical and biological defense forces, as well as anti-sabotage units have been engaged in the exercises,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Igor Yegorov.

Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces plan to test-fire their new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile in 2017. The Sarmat would replace the Cold War-era R-36 missile, nicknamed “Satan” by NATO, which is the largest ICBM ever made.

Russia’s stockpile of 8,400 nuclear warheads is the largest in the world, surpassing the U.S.’s 7,500. Both nuclear superpowers have taken steps over the last 25 years to reduce their stockpiles under landmark accords agreed upon following the end of the Cold War.

Meanwhile, the Russian navy launched nuclear combat exercises in international waters in the Arctic last week, which was rumored to be in response to NATO’s plans to bolster defenses in the ex-Soviet Baltic states on Russia’s western border. Russia’s nuclear submarine fleet was involved in the exercises and engaged in simulated ballistic missile launches and Arctic navigation, according to Newsweek.

The Russian government announced late last year that it would upgrade its nuclear weapons capabilities as a part of a wider military modernization over the next decade. That includes building a "guaranteed nuclear deterrent,” according to President Vladimir Putin.

Putin emerged Thursday morning from a marathon, 17-hour negotiation with his Ukrainian, French and German counterparts to hammer out a peace deal in Ukraine, where the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian rebels have fought a nearly yearlong conflict that's claimed the lives of more than 5,400 people. The West accuses Putin of directly intervening militarily on behalf of the rebels, but he denies that allegation.
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Obama’s Outgoing Adviser John Podesta’s Biggest Regret: Keeping America In Dark About UFOs

Outgoing senior Obama adviser John Podesta reflected on his latest White House stint Friday, listing his favorite moments and biggest regrets from the past year. Chief among them: depriving the American people of the truth about UFOs.
Podesta’s longtime fascination with UFOs is well-documented, as his brief political hiatus following four years as President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff freed him up to pursue his otherworldly passion.
At a 2002 press conference organized by the Coalition for Freedom of Information, Podesta spoke on the importance of disclosing government UFO investigations to the public.
“It’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there,”  he said. “We ought to do it, really, because it’s right. We ought to do it, quite frankly, because the American people can handle the truth. And we ought to do it because it’s the law.” (READ MORE)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The information contained
in Bob's new book may shatter your world view forever. 


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Moscow Times Warns Of 'Global Escalation' Of Conflict! Russia To Declare War If US Arms Ukraine!


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

With Barack Obama, NATO and the west preparing to arm the nation of the Ukraine with lethal aid, this bombshell comes to us straight from the pages of the Moscow Times and the video report below from All News Pipeline friend Freedom Fighter Reports as Russia has announced they will declare war if the United States arms Ukraine. Edging ever closer to the fulfillment of prophecy, this Moscow Times story informs us that Russia would see the arming of Ukraine AS a declaration of war by the US and the west and furthermore see the US as a 'direct participant in the conflict'.

With Ukraine now at a 'dangerous crossroads', the west is said to be trying to find an end to the conflict via 'peace talks' while the Kremlin strikes out at Angela Merkel and the west by warning to never issue ultimatum's to Putin after their latest bid to force Putin to agree to the 'peace plan' by Wednesday or face the latest round of sanctions.

Informing us that 'the ante' is ready to be upped if Obama and the west arm Ukraine, we're also told that 'Washington or its' allies' could be responded to 'asymmetrically' on other fronts as the 1st real signs of World War 3 coming home to America are now being seen. The 2nd video below is an excellent compilation on recent news events leading up to WW3 coming to America called "
WW3 News, Russia & West, No Peace In Hell."
U.S. provision of military aid to Ukraine would be seen by Moscow as a declaration of war and spark a global escalation of Ukraine's separatist conflict, Russian defense analysts said.
With Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine seizing new territory from the Ukrainian army, voices in Washington are demanding that Kiev be given defensive weapons and hardware — including lethal equipment — to hold the line.
But if such aid were sent, "Russia would reasonably consider the U.S. to be a direct participant in the conflict," said Evgeny Buzhinsky, a military expert at the Moscow-based PIR Center.
Speaking to The Moscow Times on a condition of anonymity, a member of the Russian Defense Ministry's public advisory board warned that Moscow would not only up the ante in eastern Ukraine, "but also respond asymmetrically against Washington or its allies on other fronts."
Bob Mitchell

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Read the truth about the Vatican's bloody history against Bible believing Christians, her links with ancient Babylon, The worship of the Mother Goddess and the links to Hitler, the New World Order and more.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Mysterious ancient object resembling UFO discovered in Russia during excavation

UFO-like object dug up in Russia

IB Times/Arjun Varma - UFO-like object dug up in Russia

Excavators in Russia have dug up a bizarre object that strongly resembles a UFO.
The object was discovered by a coal mining company in Siberia's Kuznetsk Basin, during excavation work, reports Mirror. Adding to the mystery of how an object like that was found buried 40 metres under the ground, archaeologists called in to examine it, believe it's a man-made object.

Excavator Boris Glazkov, 40, who found the object, said: "I have to say it wasn't hard to see as it was really distinctive and large. I've never seen anything like this object, which is obviously man-made, here in the middle of nowhere before. It is a real mystery."

His colleague, Arthur Presnyakov, 38, said: "There were actually two similar objects, but the first one broke as it was being pulled out of the ground by the excavator bucket.

We thought we saw something sure, because it broke into pieces, but then when the second one appeared we stopped work and carefully removed it from the bucket."

However, as per the Mirror report, UFO enthusiasts and sky watchers are convinced it fell from space.

"Given that it was embedded so deep underground, it could be older than mammoth bones, which have been discovered in the area at a depth of 25 metres," state the website.
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Friday, 6 February 2015

Obama Seeks Alliance With Islamic Groups
Posted By Neil Munro
President Barack Obama quietly met with a group of Muslim political activists in the White House Feb. 4 to get them to support the Democrats’ political machine.

The meeting didn’t focus on U.S. foreign policy or Islamic jihadi attacks. Instead, it was Obama’s outreach to a growing Democratic-affiliated political constituency, similar to other meeting with environmental, African-American or Latino political groups.
The president “encouraged the [Muslim] participants to remain civically engaged in their communities, and told them that he looked forward to seeking additional opportunities to continue the discussion of these and other issues,” said a White House statement released after the meeting.
The immigrant Muslim population has grown by roughly 1 million since 2000, up to almost 2.7 million in 2013. The population has grown because the federal government has accepted many migrants from war-torn Muslim countries, such as Somalia and Syria.
Naturally, the U.S.-based Islamist groups want something in exchange for their cooperation with Obama’s Democratic Party.
They want federal jobs for their allies, diplomatic support for allied Islamist movements in the Middle East, the stigmatization of criticism of Islam, plus the legal authority for U.S.-based Islamists to independently police zealous U.S.-based Muslims who are preparing to become jihadis.
“We spoke about the current environment, and what faith-based organizations like ours can do to assist the president…. [in] different ways, both domestic and international,” Azhar Azeez, the Indian-born president of the Islamic Society of North America, told The Daily Caller.
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Swedish company implanting workers with microchips

The mini-devices can open doors, unlock the photocopier and share contact details. It's the way of the future, experts say.

           This chip is similar to the one that employees in Sweden can opt to have implanted.
This chip is similar to the one that employees in Sweden can opt to have implanted.
Work is really getting under some workers’ skin.
At the Epicenter complex in Stockholm, Sweden, office drones are becoming droids by inserting dog-style microchips to unlock doors, operate photo copiers or share contact info.
It’s the latest example of a trend that is also emerging in the medical profession.
"We call it augmented humanity," said tech trends expert Faith Popcorn, author of “Dictionary of the Future.” “We foresee a future in which everyone will have an implanted chip that will benefit our personal lives as well.”
Designed by the Swedish Biohacking Group, the radio-wave-emitting chip is the size of a grain of rice and similar to transmitters implanted into pets.
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Teen who fell in icy pond makes 'miraculous' recovery (Video)

14-year old St. Charles boy who spent 15 minutes under water after falling through the ice of Lake Ste. Louise has made a recovery no one can explain.

It's a recovery so complete, our Kay Quinn spoke on-camera to young John Smith about his near-drowning, and his amazing story of survival.

Three 14-year-old boys fell through the ice on Martin Luther King Day.

NBC’s Brian Williams recants Iraq story after soldiers protest

'I spent much of the weekend thinking I'd gone crazy. I feel terrible about making this mistake'

By Travis J. Tritten                                                                                                                                    

WASHINGTON — NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams admitted Wednesday he was not aboard a helicopter hit and forced down by RPG fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a false claim that has been repeated by the network for years.
Williams repeated the claim Friday during NBC’s coverage of a public tribute at a New York Rangers hockey game for a retired soldier that had provided ground security for the grounded helicopters, a game to which Williams accompanied him. In an interview with Stars and Stripes, he said he had misremembered the events and was sorry.
UPDATE | Williams' apology leaves out key details of Iraq incident
The admission came after crew members on the 159th Aviation Regiment’s Chinook that was hit by two rockets and small arms fire told Stars and Stripes that the NBC anchor was nowhere near that aircraft or two other Chinooks flying in the formation that took fire. Williams arrived in the area about an hour later on another helicopter after the other three had made an emergency landing, the crew members said.
“I would not have chosen to make this mistake,” Williams said. “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.”
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