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Thursday, 29 January 2015

With Iran & ISIS threats rising, why is President Obama turning against Israel? Analysis. (Also: in new video, ISIS threatens to “reach America” & behead President Obama)

(Bob: I read these lines below and I see ancient prophecy for the last days lining up to be fulfilled more than any other time in my more than 50 years of being a Christian. The appearance of the Antichrist cannot be many years away...
Please watch my video on the prophetic years on the panel to the right)
Screen shot of new ISIS video (source: MEMRI/Daily Mail)
Screen shot of new ISIS video (source: MEMRI/Daily Mail)
(Naples, Florida) — Iran’s radical Shia leaders are moving closer and closer to building nuclear weapons and the long-range missiles to hit the U.S., Europe, Israel and our Arab allies.
Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists just this week attacked, killed and wounded Israelis on the Lebanon border.
Meanwhile, the ISIS threat is growing. They have doubled their territory in Syria, are threatening to behead a Jordanian pilot and a Japanese man, and in a newly released video, ISIS threatens to “reach America” and behead President Obama in the White House. (Please pray for these hostages to be released quickly and safely. Pray, too, for Jordanian and Japanese leaders to know how best to resolve the situation.)
What’s more, a new Fox News poll finds that 84% of Americans fear ISIS will soon launch terrorist attacks inside the United States. This is an increase of 10 points from a recent survey we conducted finding 74% fear “catastrophic terrorist attacks” by ISIS inside the U.S. if we don’t take decisive action to stop them.
Yet, the big news this week is that the President Obama and his senior advisors at the White House are livid at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer. A senior White House advisor recently called Netanyahu a “chickensh–.”
The President and his team are “outraged” not at the Islamic Radicals who threaten our country and our allies — Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc — but at Israel’s leader for accepting Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to address a Joint Session of Congress on March 3 to discuss the existential threat posed by Iran, ISIS and Radical Islam.
Now we learn that an Obama political strategist is actively working to defeat Netanyahu in the March 17th Israeli elections.
Because the President cannot stand Netanyahu and hopes to have a new Israeli leader who is more pliable and willing to make far greater concessions to her enemies.
So Mr. Obama can finally ram through an “historic” peace treaty to end the Arab-Israeli conflict once and for all — a deal to divide Jerusalem and roll Israel back to her indefensible pre-1967 boundaries.
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