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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Mysterious Booms are Being Reported Across America Again
From time to time, reports of mysterious “booming” noises or explosions have been catalogued, and of apparent unexplained origin. Several researchers and writers, including Charles Fort most famously, have documented such phenomenon, with a scientific treatment being afforded the subject more recently by American physicist William R. Corliss, who covered the phenomenon extensively in his writings over the last few decades.
Such phenomenon is frequently reported in the present day just as well; 2014 has been a particularly interesting year for those claiming to have experienced mystery explosions, and in some cases, even earthquakes accompanying a few of the anomalous sounds.
Among the recent reports of “mystery booms”, one location had been the town in Salina, Kansas, where a number of residents were reporting having heard something akin to a loud explosion around November 13.
“We’ve called the local police department, the Smoky Hill Bomb Range and Westar,” reported the area KWCH News, “but at this time no one seems to know what’s behind the boom.”
Then on November 16, similar reports were stemming from the Dayton Ohio area, more specifically around the townships of Springboro, Miamisburg, and Centerville.
“One Miamisburg man said the loud booms sounded like an explosion, and that the last one sounded louder than the first,” reported Dayton’s WHIO News.
The noises in this part of the country were also covered here at MU by my fellow blogger Paul Seaburn in this article.
Then earlier in June of this year, a “puzzling” earthquake event was reported near a New York City nuclear plant, with many similar reports of a “loud booming” being reported in the area.
Part of the puzzle had been the fact that the “mystery” quake had not occurred around a fault line, prompting Prof. Leonardo Seeber of Columbia University to describe the phenomenon as unexplained, describing that “they tend to come in bursts.”
“I’m concerned, let’s put it that way,” he added.
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