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Thursday, 27 November 2014


The number of unexplained UFO sightings over nuclear plants around the world went up by one when a “bright, flashy, platform-like object” was seen hovering over the Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) water reactor nuclear power plant located near Russellville, Arkansas, on November 8. The witness gave this report to MUFON, which included a description of the effect it had on him physically:

It emitted multi-colored lights as it stay stationary in the sky. For the next following two hours I would check on it periodically. It ascended a flight path over my house and was completely out of view within three minutes. Object had no sound and had a strange electromagnetic-like feeling pulsate through my body as it flew over me.
There has been no information or comments from any government agencies regarding this sighting. That’s a concern because of the recent frequency of UFO sightings at nuclear facilities.
A UFO was recorded on video above the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Station in Mexico on November 5. This is the second report of a UFO at a nuclear site in Mexico in 2 years.

In October, reports began circulating in France of a fleet of 15 UFOs over seven state-owned nuclear plants. With France’s 58 plant commitment to nuclear energy, the sightings were initially suspected to be drones operated by Greenpeace in protest. However, Greenpeace denies any association and the French government and EDF (√Člectricit√© de France) are said to have no explanations and are investigating the sightings, albeit as “drone” sightings.
Then there were the three bright, orb-like UFOs photographed on January 1, 2014, hovering near the Limerick Generating Station in Pennsylvania. Here’s the witness’ description:
Never saw lights that bright in the sky before. The objects seemed to be round spheres that at first didn’t move at all. The center one seemed slightly raised above the outer ones. They were intense bright white – almost silver.
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