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Friday, 31 October 2014


Here's an interesting story from the BBC mainly because of what it doesn't tell us.

Rabbi Glick one of the heads of the Temple Institute; the group that has reconstructed most of the objects required for use when the Third Temple is built, was shot and seriously wounded a couple of days ago.
Many of you reading this may have visited the "Treasures of the Temple" building in Jerusalem. Many of you may even have donated money to their cause.
But what many of you do not know is what you were giving toward: the Temple Institute does not simply want a Temple on the Temple Mount for Jews to worship, but a "place of worship for all people" Rabbi Glick's own words.
So the Temple Institute is actually hoping to see a place on the Holy Mountain where all faiths can come and worship together regardless of belief.
This ties in with the ecumenical God's Holy Mountain project (Here) where the plan is to build a place of worship for everyone on the Temple Mount. This is not what God wants.
He wants people to worship Him and his son the Lord Jesus Christ not just any false deity they throw into the melting pot along with Israel's true and only God.
These moves are in line with the plan to have a Temple where the Antichrist will one day enter and take his seat.
For those Christians who gave money to the Temple Institute....Repent and ask for your money back.     

Jerusalem holy site closure 'declaration of war' - Abbas

Israeli security forces stand behind a security perimeter outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Centre (29 October 2014) The shooting comes amid heightened tensions between Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem
A spokesman for Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has described the closure of a disputed Jerusalem holy site as a "declaration of war".

The move came amid tension and violence after the shooting of a Jewish activist. Israel's PM urged calm, saying Mr Abbas was stoking unrest.

The holy site will reopen on Friday, Israel's economy minister says.

Yehuda Glick, a campaigner for greater Jewish prayer rights at the Temple Mount/al-Haram al-Sharif, was wounded.

Israeli police later killed a Palestinian suspected of shooting him. Moataz Hejazi, 32, was shot after reportedly opening fire when police surrounded his home.
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